Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker Review

Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker ReviewIf you’re living in an apartment or condo, using an outdoor smoker may not be possible. You can get the same taste and flavor of smoked food by using the indoor smokers. For many years, this was not possible. Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker using cutting edge technology for indoor smoking can give you smoked food at home. It is portable and electrically powered. In addition, the price of the smoker is way lesser compared to regular sized outdoor smokers. So this smoker is a great alternative to commercial grade smokers or outdoor smokers which are large and cumbersome for smoking food at home.

Emson Electric smoker combines the concept of pressure cooking and smoking in one unit. This reduces the cooking time exponentially. The 5QT electric smoker can give you one time smoked food in about an hour and a half. It is easy to setup and use. Preparing slow cooked ribs or BBQ is very easy by using the smoker. It saves a significant amount of time compared to other smoking devices. It is power efficient and saves considerable amount of electricity as it uses pressure cooking for smoking. The smoking time reduces to 50% compared to conventional smokers.

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The Emson Electric smokers can both hot and cold smoke. Using this smoker, you can cold smoke cheeses and other delights. Any type of meat or vegetables that goes inside this smoker comes out perfectly smoked, moist and tender. Other than smoking, the smoker with the racks removed inside can be used for simple cooking of rice and vegetables for daily meals. Unlike traditional cookers, the 5QT electric cooker will have the benefit of using digital controls. The digital controls on the smoker make cooking easy. The smoker is well sealed and keeps the smoke intact while smoking the meat. The smoker is portable, weighs 10 kilos and has dimensions 2 x 13.2 x 12.6 іnchеs. The customer reviews on this smoker are really impressive. We rate this product 4.5 out of 5.

Features of Emson Electric 5Qt smoker

  • Can cook up to 4 pounds of food
  • Smokes, sears and cooks
  • Safe to use in indoors

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The common complaint about this smoker is its small capacity. However, this smoker is designed for family use and can’t be used for serving food for guests at the party. It does a pretty good job in the setting for which it is intended to work in. If you are a family of 4 or 5 then this smoke perfectly suits you. Another complaint is about the non-availability of replacement parts. However, replacements for the product are found at official site of Emson. Overall, the 5QTsmoker is great for home smoking in the kitchen.

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