Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker Reviews

Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker reviewsIt is an indoor pressure cooker/smoker. Using this combo product you can cook your BBQ brisket and cold smoke fish, cheese or sausages. The cooker can cook up to 4 pounds of food at a time. It is safe for indoor use and reduces the cooking time by 50% than the traditional cooking. It promises to cook items five times faster than the other regular smokers.

The technology used combines both qualities of smoker and cooker in one appliance and makes cooking efficient. It maintains an internal temperature of 15psi and enhances smoke on food holding and provides flavorful food. Simply by using 3 to 4 wood chips you get a good smoky flavor. The smoke produced inside the cooker remains intact until you open it. It is offered with 4 level racks which can hold up to 4lbs of food.

It is offered with digital functionality for time and temperature settings. In small and short it cooks, sears and cold smokes everything you put inside and choose on what to do with it. The dimensions of the product are 13.2×13.2×12.6 inches and weighs 10.7 pounds.

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  1. High quality materials used in the construction
  2. Highly durable will surely last for years
  3. Has a good stainless steel appearance on the outside
  4. Room stays free from smoke
  5. Great item for people living in apartments and condos
  6. Suitable for family purpose
  7. Very less amount of wood chips required to produce the desired smoky flavor
  8. Takes very less time for cooking
  9. Definitely worth the money
  10. Digital controls help in setting the time of cooking
  11. Simple to operate, Press start, set the time and go away
  12. Digital controls are accurate while use



  1. Small in size and capacity compared to other smokers
  2. Not suitable for serving food at parties
  3. Bit expensive
  4. Gives a slightly overcooked flavor
  5. No information about troubleshooting is provided in the instruction manual
  6. Cooking racks are very thin and light weighted
  7. The racks are poorly soldered and food sticks into these irregularities
  8. The smoker cup gets crusted and it becomes tough to remove smoke residues
  9. Package doesn’t offer any type of recipes as other manufactures do


This is a great way to smoke and cook meat in indoors. Good for customers who live in apartments and condos. It takes lesser time than the traditional way of cooking. So if you want to cook your food fast and enjoy this is a great way to do it. It may not have a large capacity but can easily serve a small family of 4 members. The digital controls in the smoker make cooking even simpler.

The list price of this smoker/cooker is $249.99 but Amazon is offering the product at a lesser rate. The product when purchased requires to be shipped separately and doesn’t incur any shipping costs. The customer rating of this product at Amazon is 4 out of 5 stars.

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