Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker reviewsMasterbuilt Electric smoker is very popular in preparing great tasting traditional BBQs. Both starter and experienced smoker can use this electric smoker to get the best smoked foods. This is a 30 inch model packed with most useful features which keeps cooking clean and healthy.

If your house can’t hold a big smoker, then the compact smoker like Masterbuilt Electric smoker can be your best choice. Although the smoker is not too pricey, it is very durable and follows a good quality construction. This unit is best suited for family cooking and serving small parties.

Masterbuilt is one of the finest makers of smokers in the market. They have an extensive range of smokers in different sizes and features. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is of 30 inch size, 2.5 cubic feet high. The exteriors of the smoker are powder coated with steel. The smoker is very well insulated which smokes the meat well and saves time and energy.

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Features of Masterbuilt Electric Smoker are :-

  • Digital control panel
  • Auto shut off
  • Thermostatic temperature control

The smoker inside contains 4 racks with smoke resistant coating. The side loading tray for wood, air damper, mounted grease pan on the rear side and drip pan are other ergonomic features in the smoker.

The smoker is very easy to operate. To use, plug in the smoker, set the timer and temperature, load the meat and sit back. It can make you delicious smoked chicken, turkey, pork, sausages and many other smoked foods. To see a video demonstration of the smoker click, MasterBuilt Electric Smoker Video.

The smoker gets started with a pushbutton start on the digital control panel. It also includes the temperature settings between 100 to 275F. The temperature stays consistent while cooking, so there will be no problems of overcooked or half raw meat. The 4 racks inside the smoker provide more than enough space to feast on family reunions, special occasions and holidays.

Unlike many other old smokers, you don’t need to add wood chips by opening the door. It has a separate easy to use wood chip loader on the side which can be opened from outside to add chips. In addition, to get exotic flavors you can add vinegar, juice or any of your favorite beverages through the removable water pan to add a favor to the food. To adjust the smoke levels and to get a milder flavor you can adjust the adjustable air damper.

Maintaining this smoker is very easy. The inner elements of the smoker are smoke resistant, with easy wiping you can take off all the smoke deposits in the smoker. The digital thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature inside the smoker which usually remains constant once set. This electric smoker is power efficient. It

The smoker works great, however some users have complained the problem of heating element going down. The first component in the smoker which will usually breakdown is the heating element. Finding a replacement for the heating element is easy. The customer support from Masterbuilt is very reliable. They ask you less questions, and get your problem solved as early as possible.

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