Masterbuilt Electric Smokers Review

Masterbuilt electric smokers reviewMasterbuilt smoker has been a popular choice among many customers. Using a Masterbuilt smoker essentially means you are using a well regulated electric smoker that has a capacity to cook more than 20 pounds of meat. Whether its BBQ brisket or beef jerky this smoker smokes the food and makes them delicious to eat. All the Masterbuilt smoker models are provided with control panel that allows the user to select the temperature levels between 100 to 275F. Interesting thing is you can place the meat, set the timer, temperature and forget it.

Masterbuilt smokers are mainly inexpensive units which suite for family cooking and organizing small parties. They have relatively large capacity and work as a self-contained unit. These are suitable for smoking any type of meat with temperature and smoke adjustments. These are popularly used for making beef jerky and low temperature smoking.

The main disadvantage of owing a Masterbuilt smoker is its inconsistency in holding a particular temperature. Also producing a constant smoke is challenging. It is provided with a short cord which gives problems when power socket are far from the smoker placement. Using extension cables are preferred in this situation.


Some popular Masterbuilt smoker models

Masterbuilt digital electric smoker

It features 1.7 cubic feet of capacity spacing 4 smoking racks. It has a digital control panel, 24 hour timer and auto shut off feature. Temperature on this smoker is controlled by a thermostat and is efficient in cooking. Also other additional features of this product are removable drip pan, wood tray and grease pan.

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Masterbuilt Gen II Electric Digital smokehouse

It has a capacity of 730sq inches spacing 4 cooking racks. It is integrated with streamline control panel and LED display for temperature reading. The temperature of the smoker is thermostatically controlled provides a temperature of 100 to 275F. Other features in the product include drip deflector, air damper, drip pan and side chip loader.

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Masterbuilt electric smoker with window

It features digital and remote control panel. It has rear mounted handle and an air damper. It gets a meat probe thermometer and internal lights. A transparent window is offered for monitoring the state of the contents. The smoking racks are chrome coated. The price of the smoker is around $300-$340.

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Masterbuilt smokers are known for providing a large space for cooking and they are cheap enough for buying. But getting a knack of using these to get the desired results is a challenge. Many customers are struggling on this and finding difficulties in properly using the smoker. Like many of the other smokers Masterbuilt smokers are provided with insulation by a box. The heating element is incorporated below the firebox to create smoke form the wood chunks.

These smokers take about 16 hours to smoke the beef brisket at 200F. Unfortunately, wood chunks in the smoker need to add periodically to create a constant smoking. So smoker needs to be monitored at various instants. Masterbuilt models have a lower powered heating element. This makes cooking difficult when smoker is added with huge quantities of meat. In this case it takes large amount of time for the smoker to reach the set temperature.

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