Smoker Temperature Control

One of the most essential features of a good Smoker is the temperature controller. To get the right result and perfectly cooked meat, you need the right temperature setting. Most of the smokers have the functionality to set the required temperature and a panel to display the same. A wide range of temperature is required in a smoker because different types of meat or others products will require a different temperature to be cooked or smoked at.

Smokers have different temperature settings and various temperature ranges as well. It is also important to determine the weather conditions when setting the smoker temperature. If it is very cold outside, the smoker will require longer cooking duration as well as adjustment in the temperatures. Someone who is new to smoking will take some time to get used to the idea of working the smoker smoothly. Some adjustments, some errors will result in getting the hang of handling it well.

There are various Smoker temperature controllers also available, which fit well in various variety of smokers. They have various features which might not be available in your in-built smoker thermometer. You just have to plug it in along with the smoker and usually has only one built in mode. These controllers are available with two separate probes which can be used to display the temperature inside the smoker as well as the temperature of the meat.

These controllers have a LCD screen which display the temperature you have set, the actual temperature inside the smoker, the meat temperature as well as the blower speed. The blower is a part of the controller, and it helps in maintaining air flow to keep the fire alive. It also has an alarm which will allow you to ensure that the smoker does not remain on longer than required. It also has a timer for you to keep a check on the food.

Some brands of smokers are really great as smokers but the temperature control mechanism doesn’t work very well. In such scenarios, it is best to buy an external controller to ensure that the smoking process goes smoothly and you get best quality product. These controllers are equipped to adjust the power based on various external disturbances like ambient temperature, wind speed, humidity and direction of sunshine. The precision of the temperature control is usually within 1 degree.

You can let in the probe of the controller through on of the ventilator gaps and plug the smoker to the controller. The probes are better equipped to handle the moisture in the smoker and give accurate results. Some of the smoker temperature controllers also have the functionality to set different temperature for different steps of cooking.

Since smoking requires a lot of precision where the temperature is concerned, it is important to have a good temperature control. If for some reason you are not happy with the smoker temperature adjustment, you can buy an external smoker temperature control, best suited for your smoker.

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