Should you buy a charcoal smoker?

Should you buy a charcoal smoker? This depends on a number of factors. Many people because of their traditional smoking taste prefer charcoal smokers. If you’re one of them then consider the below factors before buying the charcoal smoker.


Usually Charcoal smokers less priced than the electric smokers. They can go as little as 80$ to more than $10000. The price of the smoker depends on two factors. One is how frequently the smoker is used and other is the budget you are willing to spend on the smoker. If you are a beginner to smoking and have lesser cash then buying a charcoal smoker is best thing to do. However, for the first few times you’d need to take help from the experienced smoker to know the proper way of smoking food using the charcoal smoker. If you’ve more than 200$ and you are a beginner then go for electric smokers which are easy to use and give perfect meat.


Charcoal smokers come in various sizes. The capacity of the smoker is one of the important aspects to consider while purchasing the charcoal smoker. To buy a charcoal smoker of particular size you must know if you’ll be using the smoker to smoke food for parties or only for family use. If you are planning to use the smoker for the family use, then buying a smoker of small size is enough. But if you are planning to use the smoker for smoking food in the parties then buying a smoker of large is essential.

Should you buy a charcoal smoker


Cleaning is not as fun as smoking food in the smoker. Charcoal smokers always have the hassles of cleaning after smoking the food. However, some charcoal smokers come with decent cleaning system which makes the cleaning process easy. Having detachable tray in the smoker comes handy to dispose the ash collected in it.

Temperature control

Buy a smoker that has good temperature control and maintains even temperature while smoking the food. Look for the smoker that has grill vents which allow the excess heat to pass through. This keeps the smoked food moist and tender.


There are smokers that do only one functionality and there are others while support multiple functionalities like grilling and cold smoking along with normal smoking. The choice depends on your needs.


Before buying the charcoal smoker read through a lot of smoker reviews. There are many resources available online which provide information about the product that you are looking for. A good rule of thumb would be to ask your friends and relatives about the smoker that they are using in their home. Firsthand information on the smoker gives better picture on what you are going to own for your home.

By examining the above features one can know if buying the charcoal smoker is better for the house. There are many options and features available in the charcoal smokers. With the right amount of research you can know if charcoal smoker suits for your home. They are also other types of smokers such as electric and propane smokers which you can buy if you don’t want to buy charcoal smokers.

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