Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker reviewsBradley Smokers are bit pricey, but they still remain in the list of most bought smokers. The quality of Bradley smokers and their old school food taste is unbeatable. If you are new to smoking, then this is a perfect buy for you. With its advanced digital technology, it makes smoking easy and offers exactness to smoking food. You don’t have to worry about the constant changing smoke or temperature levels. Once the settings are configured, they stay constant over the cooking time.

You just need to add spice to your turkey or any of your favorites, keep them inside the smoker, set the smoke, temperature, and time and be busy with other works. When the countdown is over, you can savor your delicious homemade smoked food. However, remember to know the exact setting of the smoker for preparing the recipe with perfection. Good thing to know is, when using a Bradley Smokers Original Smoker you have to work minimum to get the most delicious smoked food. The smoker does everything for you, monitoring, smoking, and also automatically turning off by itself

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The size of this smoker is 33.5*17.5*20.25 inches. It is definitely not huge for your kitchen. This design of the smoker is ergonometric, easy to setup and friendly to use. You don’t require any high tech or fancy knowledge to operate this smoker. Everything is very clear on the knobs and switches. They are self-explanatory. The temperature controls are accurate and can be precisely adjusted for different recipes. The beginners will love the way this smoker works. Just set the controls and forget it. When you come back, delicious smoked food will be ready.

Many smokers work best on a particular type of meat, but Bradley Smokers Original Smoker does a great job with all different types of food. For more smoke food recipes, you can refer to instructional manual provided with the smoker. The manual also gives you clear cut instructions on operation with Labeled diagrams, Do and Don’ts and other information. You can smoke pork, beef, turkey, fish, veggies and any of your favorites. To see a video demonstration on this smoker, visit Bradley Original smoker video.

Specs of Bradley Electric Smoker

  • Mid-sized smoker, suitable for average sized family
  • 4 removable or adjustable racks
  • Supports both Cold and hot smoking
  • Switch and knob temperature controls
  • Bisquettes are loaded sideways
  • Follows a sturdy design, the interiors are made with stainless steelP

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There are a few downsides or setbacks with the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker. One common downside that most people find is its lack of digital control on the smoking temperature. Another minor setback is the instructional book which doesn’t mention the cooking times and temperature for the recipes. There cons are design specific, not defects in the smoker. If you are satisfied with the design and not too obsessed with digital control panel, then Bradley Smokers Original Smoker is the best choice for you.

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