Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

Old Smokey Electric Smoker reviewOld Smokey Smoker is mainly made for personal use. It can’t be used for cooking batches of food for parties or gatherings. However, it is definitely an easy on budget smoker that works great on any smoker recipe.

This smoker model is perfect for people who are just starting to smoke food at home. If you are trying to smoke food for the first time then this smoker will be right one for you. From its first setup to everyday use, it is uncomplicated, hassle free and very practical. These qualities primarily should be the focus of anyone who wants to buy a new product for their home. This smoker clearly implies that there is less to do with the fancy features while keeping the basic function reliable. It is designed to work in an intended way that any person would expect.

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Inside the smoker, we have a heating element that is similar to an electric oven. On top of it, there is a chip tray where you put the wood chips for getting a smoke flavor. At the first cooking level, there is a lower grill and a drip pan. The drip pan is supposed to be kept dry. You don’t need to add water before you switch on the smoker. On the upper cooking level, it has an additional grill which you can use for making bacon. It features a flat top that helps to keep the juices intact in the food.

This top of the smoker tightly seals during the cooking time to keep the flavor and smoke intact for reducing the cooking time. The heat of the smoker can be controlled by using the variable heat control function. This supports a wide variety of cooking styles and time. The smoker however doesn’t come with an inbuilt temperature gauge. You’ll have to buy a separate add-on. In this case, the manufacturer promises to install the temperature gauge in the product during the delivery. Moreover, it is advised to store this electric smoker with the lid slightly off to keep away the moisture inside it.

The most important thing to note about this smoker is that the operation of it is simple and straightforward. There are no digital controls or fancy features. The equipment was surely put together without much cussing. The smoker is very durable and suitable for rough use. This smoker having two shelves in it contains space for holding a 8 pound brisket or 10 pound shoulder of pork. See a manual for the old smokey smoker.

After hearing to the customers, it is easy to find that the unit is simple to assemble. It comes with instructions that are clear to understand.

Having said these facts about the smoker, there are some cons about this product that you need to consider before buying it.

  • The screws on the handles get loosened over time. Tightening them with a help of screw driver will get this rectified
  • Cleaning the smoker is cumbersome.
  • The size isn’t enough for smoking in large scale

Other than these cons, this smoker works fine. It an affordable buy and a basic smoker that you will love for its simplicity.

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