How To Use Electric Smoker

How To Use Electric Smoker

Quick tip: smoking meat at low temperature for long time prevents it from spoiling and gives it a delicious taste.Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker Review

Using electric smoker for cooking has many advantages. It is fast, precise and accurate.

What type of electric smoker do you have?

Electric smokers are mainly available in two types, vertical water electric smokers and electric cabinet smokers. Vertical electric smokers are relatively cheaper compared to cabinet smokers. However vertical ones are inaccurate in maintaining a constant while cooking during winter months. On the other hand electric cabinets have shape like a refrigerator. These smokers come along with temperature gauge and knob or remote control on temperature and smoke levels. So first know which electric smoker you own.

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Go through the manufacturer instructions

Reading the instructions provided by the manufacturer helps in knowing the exact way of cooking specific to the cooker you own. Sometimes instructions are tough to understand in that case contact the service provider for understanding them. Also know the functionality of knobs, LED lights and other indications of the smoker.

Cure the new electric smoker

This is mainly holds good during the first use of the smoker. There might be some solvents or dust left behind in the smoker. So it is essential clean these before using the smoker. Also stickers and other tags on the cooking space if any should be removed carefully to avoid leaving out any glue. Further seasoning a new electric smoker would involve following steps

  • Coat the indoor surfaces and the racks with cooking oil
  • Turn on the empty smoker for 2 hours, turn off and leave it for cooling.

 Prepare the meat

This depends on what you want to cook. It can be beef, chicken or pork. If you are a starter then go through some of the recipes on the internet or refer the manufacturers’ manual for sample recipes.

The process usually involves seasoning the meat with dry rub, adding salt, herbs and condiments and then soaking it in acid marinade. This is left for a night in the refrigerator to absorb the flavor.

Turn on the smoker

If the smoker has water receptacle then add water into it. Have the wood chips ready. These can be purchased online or from any nearby grocery store. Some of them are cedar, alder, plum, hickory or maple chips. You would require about 4 cups of wood chips for 5 hours of smoking.

Check the smoker temperature

Monitor the temperature of the smoker. For this most of the smokers are built with temperature gauges.

Adjust the temperature of the smoker. Some of the smokers have the digital way of setting the temperature others work on knobs. However some have predefined temperature settings and can’t be changed. Also ensure to smoke the meat only after the smoker gains the set the temperature.

Place the meat on the smoker rack

Usually smoking takes 5 to 8 hours. Smoke the meat until its tender and also check the food by inserting a meat thermometer.

Setting an electric smoker depends on the food which you are cooking. It varies based on the type of meat and recipe you are preparing. So know the exact settings to get the most of electric smoker your are using.

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