Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker 7 Qt

Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker 7 Qt reviewEmson Electric smoker is an indoor based pressure smoker. It is an integrated design based on smoker and pressure cooker. If you hate waiting for long for food to cook then you can consider this as an option. Brisket by this combo cooker gets cooked within an hour which is five times faster than the conventional methods.

The device uses an internal pressure of 15psi which makes cooking 70% faster. Also use of wood chips does not leave out the smoky flavor. For a flavorful smoky delight use of 3 to 5 wood chips are sufficient. The smoke stays intact during the whole course of cooking and gets released while opened. The capacity of this smoker is about 6lbs. It is provided with 4 racks for holding chicken and sausages. It can also cold smoke fish and cheese.

Also it can be used as normal pressure cooker for boiling potatoes or rice. In addition, it comes with digital timer functionality. The cooker has the dimensions 13.25×12.5 inches.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Great innovation, can be used as both cooker and smoker
  2. Awesome smoker for ribs
  3. Offers nice smoke flavor
  4. Fast in cooking
  5. Official site of Emson provides sample recipes for cooking
  6. Excellent for indoor cooking
  7. Digital timer works accurately and can be precisely set
  8. Uses very less amount of wood to give a delicious food
  9. Comes well packed
  10. Instructions are very well explained and sample recipes are provided
  11. Comes handy during winters, you don’t need to go out for cooking or move you bulky smoker inside
  12. Light weighted , so can be handled very easily

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  1. Size of the smoker/cooker is small.
  2. When fully filled, smoke comes out into the room.
  3. Replacements are not readily available, mainly the sealing ring and fire box
  4. Smoking large quantities of meat is not possible
  5. Care should be taken to properly close the lid before switching the cooker on
  6. Poor customer service on replacement and malfunctioning of the product
  7. Bit expensive  compared to less space offered
  8. Handles are small in size. Care should be taken while handling these after cooking.
  9. Screws may get loosened if opened and closed with large amount of force.
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Smoker/cooker is a great invention in terms of time and taste. It cooks at a very fast pace. The automatic digital timer offers greater flexibility on cooking. Set the timer and be busy with your other work. Later come back and enjoy the delicious smoked food. The size of the cooker is only major problem associated with this unit. Other than that it is a perfect one for home cooking. The list price of the product is $299 but Amazon is currently offering it at a price of $249.99. You get a 16% discount on the product. Unlike other smokers the product is offered free shipping. The shipping weight of the cooker is 15 pounds. The average rating of this smoker at Amazon is 4.2 stars out of 5.

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