How To Choose The Best Smoker

So are you thinking on adding a smoker into your shopping cart? There are a lot of smokers available in various brands, models How To Choose The Best Smokerand features. Needless to say, it is better to research and know about a particular smoker before simply pulling out money from your pocket.

Buying a right smoker will go a long way in giving you delicious food every time you use it. Smokers are available in various shapes and sizes and these run on variety of fuels. Here are some important things to consider while buying a smoker for your home. Click here to see the reviews of the best electric



Smokers usually cost more than $100. An average cost of a smoker would always be around $200. But smokers at a price more than one grand are also available. If you are trying to find an affordable smoker for family purposes then a vertical water smoker would do the job. These are the least expensive ones you can get.


Smokers cab work on hardwood, charcoal, wood pellets, electricity and propane. Use of hardwood may be very primitive or traditional and many prefer electrical smokers.  However every smoker has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hardwood smokers are tough to use and require some prior experience from the user, but these provide an authentic taste in the meat you cook. Charcoal smokers are usually cheapest but difficult to clean and maintain.

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Most preferred smokers are the electric ones, these are easy to use and maintain. Some of these are equipped with digital technology to set the time, smoke and temperature. Smokers which use wood pellets as their fuel are electrically powered but depend on wood for smoke and heat. The units are convenient like the electric smokers but also provide the user with flavor of smoky wood. Smokers working on propane usually have the advantage of fast cooking, they heat up fast and it requires less effort to handle them.


Small smokers in the range of $200 are enough to provide food for the whole family. They usually come with a capacity more than 15lbs. But there are some exceptions. Smokers also called as pressure smokers are fast, advanced on setting temperature, smoke and time but lack adequate space for cooking. But these have a great advantage of indoor cooking.  If you are organizing a big party and want to cater barbecue to your guests then having a large smoker is preferred. Most of the manufactures provide instruction on using the smokers and also recipe samples to try. A person on the diner usually requires 1 pound of meat. So you can calculate the amount of food you would need to serve your family or guests.


Also while purchasing a smoker you would have to look at the unique features.  One such feature or latest trend in the smokers is smoker and grill option. So you need to look for multipurpose features. Other features to consider would be digital control on timer, temperature or smoking. Also some provide RF remotes for the same.


Having a set of trusted brands would form a roadmap for buying a best smoker. Some of the recommended names are Bradley, Smokin It, and Masterbuilt. Also while considering any of these brands find their successful products or the most purchased ones. Moreover, by having a product from a trusted brand you are likely to have good customer service and easy part replacements.

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