Dry Heat Electric Smoker

Dry Heat Electric SmokerMany of you might have heard about the dry heat electric smoker. It is used to roast and grill the meat using wood and coal. This makes the meat flavorful and crispy. The electric smokers are available for both indoor and outdoor smoking. As electric smokers, work on current, there is no need for external fuel. Only thing you need is a compatible electric socket to plug in the smoker. If you don’t have a socket outside your home, you can use an extendable cord to plug in the smoker.

Electric food smokers can be dry or wet. If a smoker uses liquid inside then it is called as wet electric smoker, whereas when electric smoker uses no liquid but only dry heat from the wood chips then it is called as wet electric smoker. The wood chips can be apple, citrus and oak. Readymade wood chips or pellets can be bought from the online or local stores. The wood chips are entered inside the wood container and is used to produce smoke in the smoker.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy a particular type of electric smoker then take a look at the demonstration, and ask for the instructions with the dealers. As a first time user, this is very useful and will prevent unnecessary mistakes during smoking food. At this time, also make sure that all the features of the electric smoker are working and all the parts are intact. The additional controls of thermostat and pan can be useful for drippings. This collection can be used for making gravy or basting.

The dry electric smoker is best liked to prepare barky meat that is crispy and nice to eat. However, normal electric smokers are used to prepare moist and crispy meat. These smokers elevate their heat very faster once on. This helps to cook the meat faster with constant heat. This way you get the intense smoke flavor.

The professionals usually prefer dry heat for preparing the barbecue. It is easy to cook and also to clean by removing he wood chips and coal. After dry smoking food, you’ll not require to clean or dispose the greasy water. Just wiping and brushing off the racks will remove the remaining wood and coal and make it clean.

When using the dry electric heater you need to keep adding wood chips to keep the smoke levels going. Also you need to keep moistness in the smoker to avoid drying it up. So adding liquid or basting solution is essential while using the electric heater. Seasoning of meat or dry rub is essential before smoking the meat. Other way to do this is by adding some flavoring liquid to keep the meat moist.

If there are breathing problems like asthma or bronchitis then too much smoke is not advisable. Also check on grease fire from the drain or containers. The possibility of catching fire increases when you are grilling large rack of ribs. If you are a fan of dry smoked meat, then using dry heat smokers is a good option.

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