Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

Bisquettes are usually made from natural hardwood or fruit-wood compressed wood chips. Bradley Smoker bisquettes are available in packs of 120 bisquettes of a single flavor. It offers about 40 smoking hours and can be used in both Bradley hot and cold smokers. The Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are available in twelve different flavors – Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Whiskey Oak, Maple, Jim Beam, and Oak, Mesquite, Pecan, Pacific blend and Special blend.

The Jim Beam flavor has been recently introduced and is made from the Oak barrels used while making Bourbon. The flavor is rich with a strong essence of the bourbon. It can be used when smoking meats like beef, pork, venison and wild game.

The Bradley smoker generator makes each bisquette burn for 20 minutes after which it is automatically pushed out in the water pot to be extinguished, by the next bisquette. You can keep the smoker loaded with the bisquettes for as long as you want the smoke to be generated. Regular wood chips can give rise to acids, resins and gases when burnt for smoking process. This does not happen when using the Bradley Smoker Bisquettes. They help in achieving good control on the temperature, consistency in smoke flavor and clean smoke.

Along with the box of bisquettes you will receive one recipe specific for the Bradley Smoker. You can choose the flavor of the bisquette depending on the type of meat you are planning to smoke. A special pack of 5 different flavors is also available, which has Alder, Apple, Hickory, Maple and Mesquite.

On the Bradley Smoker website you will find details of Online retailers, local retailers selling the bisquettes, or you can buy them online as well. They are available with retailers like Lowe’s, Barbecues Galore, Wholesale Hunter, Cabela’s etc.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are popular because they are fairly easy to use, have a good shape and design, give good value for money and are quite well made and durable. Depending on how frequently you use the smoker, you can buy a pack of 48, 60 or 120 bisquettes.

The Bradley Smoker bisquettes make an excellent choice for gifts as well. You can buy a variety of wood flavors, so that they can be used for different varieties of meat. The different meats which go well with the flavored bisquettes are:

  • Alder which has a light and slightly sweet flavor – Fish, Seafood, Pork & Poultry
  • Apple has light, fruit and sweet flavor – Pork, Poultry, Ribs
  • Cherry has sweet flavor – Chicken and Cheese
  • Hickory has strong flavor – Pork and any meat
  • Jim Beam has essence of bourbon – any meat
  • Maple can be used for Salmon, Tuna, Seafood, Turkey, Vegetable and Cheese
  • Mesquite has strong and hearty smoke – Beef, Venison, and wild game, Fish, Pork and Poultry
  • Oak has rich flavor – wild game, beef, pork and wild turkey
  • Pacific Blend has a clean light flavor – Fish and sea food
  • Pecan can be best used with wild boar, pork, beef and venison
  • Special Blend has a distinct flavor which is mild and can be used with anything.
  • Whiskey Oak has full and rich flavor – beef, wild game and turkey


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