Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit

masterbuilt smokerIf you’re already, using a Masterbuilt smoker then buying a cold smoking kit can add up to its functionality. One most bought cold smoking kit is the Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit which can be integrated with Masterbuilt digital smokers.

The cold smoking kit attached with Masterbuilt Digital smoker can smoke sausage, bacon, and cheese perfectly. The setup of the smoking kit with the digital smoker is simple and easy. The smoking kit can provide smoke up to 6 hours. It maintains a temperature of 100 to 120F during the cold smoking process. When you are hot smoking the food you need to plug in the cold smoking kit along with it.

Using cold smoking kit is an excellent choice for curing foods. Smoking different types of woods like hickory, apple and others can give specific type of taste and flavor to the food. The smoking kit uses the same wood chips that you would load into the smoker. So, you don’t have to spend extra money on buying different chips for the cold smoking kit. The smoking kit is efficient in producing large amount of smoke with minimal amount of chips.

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The smoking kit is robust in its construction and uses good insulation. The smoke produced and the remains formed after smoking stay intact inside the smoking kit which can be cleaned later after the process. This helps to keep your indoors clean. One can easily clean and maintain the smoking kit. Although the smoking kit is Master built it can be integrated with many other smokers. The unit allows the users to produce cool smoke without raising the temperature high on the main smoker.

The wood chips can be easily filled inside the chip tube for smoking. Some users however, have experienced the problem of narrow chip tube, where the wood chips get stuck to not produce enough smoke. This can be avoided by using powdered wood chips that can easily flow inside the chip tube while smoking. The smoking kit even after working for hours the remains or ashes can be barely seen inside. It significantly cuts down the cleaning chores after smoking the food. In short, this smoking kit really offers great value for the money paid.

Features of Masterbuilt Cold smoking kit

  • Fits with both Masterbuilt digital smokers and other smokers
  • Provides 6 hours continuous and constant wood chip smoke
  • Uses regular wood chips

The smoking kit weighs 10.2 pounds and has dimensions 9.8 x 8.1 x 16.8 inches. The smoking kit is available in black color. The best price of this smoking kit is $69.00. The product incurs no shipping cost when purchased inside U.S.

There are some complaints some from the customers who have used this smoker. The users experience the problems of heating, narrow chip tube, difference in smoking temperatures between smoking kit and the smoker. Other than these, the cold smoking kit does its job and works fine. It is well built, durable and has a fine coating on the exteriors and interiors.

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