Masterbuilt 20070213 GEN II Electric Digital Smokehouse

Masterbuilt 20070213 reviewThe smoker comes fully integrated with streamline control panel and LED display for reading cooking time and temperatures inside the smoker. It is included with air damper which insulates the in and out flow of heat and air. Also smoker is provided with front access drip pan and drip reflector.

The temperature produced by the heating element is thermostatically controlled for consistent cooking. The temperature can be adjusted between 100 to 275F. It has a cooking space of 730sq inches. This space is covered by 4 racks kept horizontally one below the other. For the smooth operation of wood chip loading, a side chip loader is provided.

This smoker is suitable for cooking chicken, beef, pork and seafood. The dimensions of the product are 20×33.5×17 inches.


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  1. Can be easily assembled
  2. Low maintenance and easily cleanable, remove the racks rinse and wipe them
  3. Keeps the set temperature constant
  4. It gains the temperature pretty quickly
  5. Provides a good smoky flavor without bitterness
  6. Gives out consistent smoke
  7. Has beautiful and smooth exterior coating
  8. Very durable, good materials used in construction
  9. The adjustable spacers and the sliding grates are well organized
  10. Instructions in the manual are easily to understand and follow
  11. Internal framework is pleasing
  12. Wood chip delivery system is easy to use
  13. Produces large amount of smoke with a little use of wood
  14. The digital interface and display are simple to use
  15. Does not get hot from outside
  16. Has a large cooking space, suitable for both family and party cooking


  1. Does not come with a window
  2. Requires some experiment to get proper results
  3. Drain pipe is litter longer and catches grease from the bottom of the trap drawer
  4. Rivets at the bottom may need some tightening
  5. Unit doesn’t come with a sausage hanging rack
  6. Water tray is quite small in size
  7. Unlike other manufacturers it doesn’t come with a temperature reference chart
  8. Temperature of the charcoal increases and decreases rapidly. So needs checking at instants for adding extra charcoal.
  9. It lacks meat probe
  10. It has no trolley wheels which makes transportation difficult


Best electric smokersOverall the smoker is very well built along with digital functionalities. Many customers complain about temperature fluctuations in the purchased smokers, but this smoker overrides it. It has an adequate cooking space for all purposes. High quality heating element is used and is easily available for replacement. The price of this Masterbuilt smoker is $249.95.

It can be freely shipped with the purchase from Amazon. The shipping usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. The customers at Amazon have given this product rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. As the product is a latest one there are very less reviews, but all of them give a positive note on this product. The smoker is manufactured in China and is currently available for shipping outside US only in selected countries.

Click here to purchase the masterbuilt smoker on amazon…



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