Best electric smokers

You can come across large number of smokers from various manufacturers in the market. As a starter it is confusing to know which smoker really works the best based on your needs. This article aims at introducing you the most promising smokers that are used by thousands of customers.

Many electric smokers in the market come with temperature and smoke adjustments. Looking for these in a smoker is vital. Also a good smoker must have a durable heating element, and should be capable to maintain a constant temperature while cooking

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best electirc smokers

Below are some of the best electric smokers that you can buy

Brinkman Gourment Electric smoker

The smoker is available in 2 colors red and black. It comes with heating element of 1600W. The setup has a thermometer and hinged door in front for adding water easily.

Old Smokey Electric smoker

It is drum shaped and entirely made of aluminum. It is added with a rack and a couple of water pans. It is actually the cheapest electric smoker available. The heat produced by the smoker resembles with the electric oven. It has a flat top and thermostat control. It is insulated well and works as a steamer.

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CharBroil Electric water smoker

It uses a heating element of 1650W and is controlled through a thermostat. Also this unit can be used as an electric brazier. It is provided with wooden handle and chip holder. This is actually a basic model that cooks flavorful meats and is available at an affordable price.

Meco Electric Smoker

It is completely made of stainless steel and is a great cheap smoker for starters. It is provided with doors on the sides for adding wood chips. It is given with three modes of temperature settings, low, medium and high. The model comes with a heating element, but if you are interested to taste the charcoal smoked meat then remove the heating element and use it.

Cookshack Electric smoker

It has temperature range of 150 to 300F. It is nicely insulated and suites for smoking chicken, pork and other kinds of meat, but not vegetables.

There are also vertical electric smokers that you can purchase. The water pan helps to keep the smoking moist and control the temperature.

Premium Cabela vertical smoker

It features 20.000BTU burners, cool touch handles, chrome plated racks, and sausage hook. Interesting feature of this electric smoker is that it has a bell that whistles when the smoking is done. The unit resembles to a refrigerator when food is placed on the shelves for smoking. The ball bearings on the door are adjustable which prevent the heat and smoke loss.

Masterbuilt Electric smoker

It comes with a digital control system and a heating element which can be adjusted between 100 to 275F. It is suitable for both grilling and cooking. It has a capacity to cook more than 20lbs of meat.

Main thing in choosing a right smoker is to compare the details of various smokers.  Also consider your requirements such as number of family members, outdoor or indoor cooking, time and money to be spent. Finally, choose a smoker which is makes smoking easy, tasty and delightful.

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