Pros and Cons of Electric Smokers

Electric smokersThere are many different types of electric smokers available in the market. The type of smoker used determines the effort and energy that you’ll need to put while smoking the food. Before committing to a particular type of smoker you’ll need to research and search for the relevant information to know all the pros and cons of the smoker. Choose the best smoker that suite your lifestyle and cooking constraints at home.

Using electric smokers has many advantages over other type of smokers such as charcoal and propane smokers. Charcoal smokers use heated charcoal to cook the food. This way of smoking food is very conventional and requires a lot of cleaning work and skill. Other smoker type is the propane smoker which uses gas to cook the meat. However, the electric smokers use electric power to cook the food. This relaxes the user to refill the gas or charcoal for cooking. The electric smokers are manufactured power efficient. This cuts down the power bills and saves money. Also you can overnight smoke the food without worrying about the high power bills.

There are many other pros of using the electric smokers. Electric smokers are easy to use and maintain. The residue left behind after using the electric smoker is very less. The stainless interiors in the electric smokers are resistant to sticky oil and smoke. So a simple wipe on the minimal residue will take it off and cleaning becomes easy. Some of the advanced electric smokers include the digital controls in them. This helps to accurately control the smoke, temperature and time. Also, the temperature can be monitored as the meat cooks. In addition, you can overnight cook the meat by setting the temperature. Electric smokers maintain constant temperature and smoke throughout the cooking process. So electric smokers are suitable for beginners as it requires less effort while cooking.

The cons of using the electric smoker are mainly related to the taste factor. Many complain about the synthetic taste of the smoked food cooked on electric smoker. The flavor of the food also comes from the type of wood used in the smoker.

Other problem is associated with repair costs. The electric box used to operate the smoker can have issues and its repair costs are quite expensive. Also the heating element in some of the electric smokers breakdown. Finding replacements are difficult and expensive.

One important pro of using electric smoker is their ability to keep the meat moist after smoking. The smokers with small vents allow the heat to pass through while cooking. The meat cooked using electric smoker gets crispy coating along with the wood flavor.

One more con about the electric smokers is their price. They are bit more expensive than other type of smokers. However, there are electric smokers that are available at a price below hundred dollars. But you may not find the smoker with required quality or functionality. Using the lower price range smokers would require special extension cord to avoid overloading of the electric box. There are indoor electric smokers available which are compact and occupy minimal amount of space.

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