Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt Propane SmokerThe GS40 Masterbuilt propane smoker can cook large amount of food at a time. It is a 40 inch smoker that is well built and uses gas for smoking. If you are a fan of traditional fire smoking then this is a perfect smoker for you. The capacity to cook a lot of food using this smoker allows the user to serve delicious food to guests.

When smoking food using propane flame, you need to monitor the temperature at regular intervals and keep it constant. For this, the propane smoker integrated with temperature gauge gives accurate temperature readings. The temperature control is spot on and maintains the set temperature through the cooking process.

This makes the Masterbuilt propane smoker similar to the digital smokers, however keeping the authentic taste of smoked food. It is amazing to notice the accuracy of the propane smoker in maintaining the temperature. This Masterbuilt smoker also has the quality to regain the temperature quickly. It allows to prepare any type of smoker recipes with adding special herbs and spices to make the meat taste and smell delicious.

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The capacity of the Masterbuilt propane smoker is large. It can smoke up to four turkeys at once. The smoker weighs 85 pounds and is three feet long. As the capacity is large, it can serve very well in the medium sized parties, family reunion or on thanksgiving.

The smoker consists of stainless steel burner and four chrome plated smoking racks. The racks are fabricated to conduct maximum amount of heat and spread it evenly on the meat. The chances of forming cold and hot spots on the food is very less while using the Masterbuilt Propane smoker. It offers a cooking space of 1307 square inches. The space offered by the smoker is large and offers enough space to smoke large amount of food. The spark igniter and gas control valve is made with type 1 quality hose and regulator.

Moreover, the smoker comes with water pan and wood chip tray. The wood chip tray is porcelain coated to prevent corrosion. Also, the smoker is built in with temperature gauge and push button ignition. These two features are very useful. The push ignition button helps to turn on the propane gas burner with a button press. On the other hand, the temperature gauge helps to monitor the temperature inside the smoker.

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Features of Masterbuilt propane smoker

  • Built in thermometer or temperature gauge
  • Four chrome plated smoking racks
  • Large capacity
  • Push button ignition
  • Spark igniter and gas control valve with type 1 regulator

If you order the product now you can avail limited period discounts on Masterbuilt Propane smoker discount sale. The smoker has dimensions 20*33.5*17 inches. It weighs 93 pounds on shipping. The purchase of the product from the above link incurs zero shipping charges.

The customers of this product are very happy with its working. However, there are some cons experienced by the users. The size of the drip pan is smaller compared to the size of the smoker. It consumes more propane to smoke food. Overall, the smoker works great with good temp control and large capacity.

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