Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker Review

masterbuilt 40 electric smoker reviewSmokers by Masterbuilt are known as standardized smokers. They are very popular and used by many users to smoke food at home. The exciting thing about any masterbuilt smokers is that they can be used indoors as well as at outdoors. They prepare perfect BBQs every time meat, fish or other food is loaded into it. The masterbuilt 40 electric smoker is an extension of the 30 inch smoker which is available in the market. Some users find the capacity of 30 inch smoker limiting.

If you are one among them, the 40 inch model is perfect for you. It has the same features such as digital control and accessories like the 30 inch model. Only difference lies in its increased capacity. The price of the smoker is slightly higher compared to the 30 inch smoker. It has a good quality construction and is very durable. Though the smoker is perfect for family cooking, the increased capacity also helps to cook food for the parties.

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If you are looking for a reliable smoker that has more than 4 stars in all the aspects then masterbuilt 40 smoker is the best smoker you can buy. It is one of the finest smokers available in the market. The performance, construction and results on use of the smoker are brilliant. Good quality materials are used to build to construct the exteriors and interiors of the smoker.

The smoker exteriors are powder coated with steel to insulate the heat and prevent corrosion. The stainless steel interiors of the smoker help the user to clean and maintain it easily.

The smoker integrates auto shut off feature within. This is a very useful feature that stops the smoker once the timer set is elapsed. Through the digital control panel of the smoker, the user can control the temperature and smoke. The digital settings allow the user to set the controls accurately. Once these parameters are set, the user can relax without have to worry about frequent monitoring or observing the meat. Every time the smoker is loaded with meat and turned on with proper settings, it gives out perfect smoked food with the exact taste that you the user is looking for.

masterbuilt 40 electric smoker review

Inside the smoker, you have 4 racks that are coated with chrome. These are resistant to oil and dirt. The cleaning and maintaining the smoker inside is easy. You just wipe off the smoke deposits once the smoking is over. The additional features such as wood side loading tray, mounted grease pan, air damper are inside the smoker. The smoker is very ergonomic to use and takes up minimum amount of space in your kitchen. It appears like a refrigerator.

Overall, the 40 inch smoker covers everything. It makes smoking food easy and perfect every time. Both professional and beginners will find using the easy. Instruction manual is provided with the smoker which clearly gives the ways to use the smoker. The 40 inch smoker uses the same heating element like the 30 inch smoker.

Some users complain about the inefficiency of the heating element and the temperature range which is between 100 to 275F. Other than this the smoker is perfect for use.

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