How to Smoke Fish – Tutorial and Tips for preparing delicious smoked fish

smoke fishSmoking is one of the ancient methods of maintaining fish. Way before the invention of any sorts of refrigerators or cold storage, methods were developed to preserve fish using a combination of salt and smoke. Although today smoking is no longer necessary to keep fish from spoiling, it is still quite a popular method.

It is mainly done in order to provide fish like Tuna, Salmon, trout and catfish among others, with additional flavors, essence and aroma. If you are searching for how to smoke fish tutorial and tips, you have come to the right place.

Methods of cooking

Earlier, fishes were heavily smoked and then left to storage in a fairly dry condition. Presently, the cures are not that high and after smoking of fish, it needs to be stored in a freezer until next use. Fish that has been earlier smoked can be stored for even longer periods of time.

In the present times, there are a large variety of smokers to be chosen from and each of them is quite adept in preparing brilliant smoked fish. There are many cookers who make use of vertical charcoal smokers for fish smoking which encloses a water pan for the purposes of moist cooking. If you wish to know how to smoke fish tutorial and tips, the following information is highly essential.

Making use of electric smokers

Electrical smokers are well equipped for the preparation of delicious varieties of smoked fishes. These smokers range from cheaper models like that of Brinkmann’s Gourmet Electric Smoker/Grill to more advanced machinery as in the Bradley’s 6-Rack Digital Electric Smoker.

All of them incorporate technologically advanced digital circuitry that allows you to control time, temperature and smoke among others. These electric smokers can be used for preparing smoked fish in a precise and well-controlled manner.

smoke fish

The process of smoking

Place pan-dressed fish fillets or just pieces of boneless fish into a brine solution made up of half-cups of non-iodized salt and sugar respectively along with 1 quart of water. Once placed in the brine solution, stirring is required until the salt and sugar dissolve completely.

After this the fishes need to be covered up with a brine solution and refrigerated. Based on the size of the fish, the refrigeration time can vary from 6 to 12 hours. After refrigeration, all of the fish pieces should be rinsed under cold water and thoroughly dried.

After this, the fish needs to be smoked at a temperature of 200 degrees. When smoking, you can make use of your preferred wood chips. Alder, apple, cheery and Hickory among others are great varieties of wood used for smoking fish. In this process, you can use your own wood that you cut up or make use of pre-packaged materials Wood Chips that are commercially available.

According to the amount of smoked essence and taste you prefer, you should add in more woodchips after specific time intervals. You can also add extra flavor with prepared smoker ingredients in the form of branded Bisquettes and much more. If you know how to smoke fish tutorial and tips, you can use them to cook Smoked fish dips and delicious fish cakes.

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