Choosing the Best Electric Smoker for Beginners

Smoking meat and other food items can be quite a difficult task if you do not have the right equipment. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and a lot of ways in which accidents can occur. However, with the right sort of equipment, any modern day barbecue lover can smoke meat in his backyard without too much effort. A well smoked pork shoulder or melt-in-the-mouth ribs can be really hard to achieve but with some of the best electric smoker for beginners, the stuff gets quite easy.


The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

In a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, the heat generated and produced is completely controlled with the help of an electric element. On the other masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviewshand, the smokes generated from the woodchips tend to seethe over the heat source in the smoker. This is one of the best devices out there that allow you to smoke meat in a healthy, rich manner with added aroma and that wonderful smoked essence.

However, according to some enthusiast critics, a wood/charcoal smoker will cook the meat on a better grade. For a complete beginner who doesn’t wish to spend 24 hours maintaining the temperature for cooking some ribs, the Masterbuilt is bound to be choicer equipment.

The Masterbuilt comes with a complete cabinet sized smoker housing four different racks for all your meats. The entire smoker is well built with the best material possible and includes digital controls. They allow you to set the temperature, the cooking time and bring in a level of automation to the process of smoking meat. You can simply fire up your smoker, set the cooking time and forget it for the next few hours.


  • A lot of rack space.
  • Extremely easy to control, making It ideal for beginners.


  • Does not provide the same rich taste and aroma as that of a traditional wood/charcoal smoker
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The Bradley Electric Smoker

Best Electric Smoker for BeginnersThe Bradley Smoker is one of the most-optimized top rated electric smoker for beginners. The entire machinery, design and cooking process among others have totally been defined for novice usage. Similar to the Masterbuilt, the Bradley is a box-style smoker but unlike the former doesn’t make use of any woodchips.

The Bradley smoker makes use of woodpucks that resemble hockey pucks made out of wood. They can be plopped down one after the other on a complete conveyor belt. In this manner, one can stack as much as 20 different pucks at a time which makes it quite unnecessary to refuel the heat source again.

The method certainly brings about a sense of simplicity to the smoking process. However, the woodpucks are more expensive and difficult to find compared the woodchips.


  • Extremely simple to use with a lot of rack space.


  • Company-made woodpucks, difficult to find and expensive as well.


The Bradley is a really good albeit a more expensive smoker than that of the Masterbuilt but both are quite suitable for beginners. One does not get a lot of additional features by choosing the Bradley over the Masterbuilt. However, these are certainly two of the Best Electric Smoker for beginners.

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