Best propane smoker for all types of gourmet meals

Some products though having a good quality remain underrated because of inadequate advertising or marketing. A smart buyer would always check on these and make a right decision while purchasing a product. The market of meat smokers is not an exception. There are bunch of best propane smokers which are underrated in the market.

They work just like the higher end models and are available at lower prices. So why not buy them? Below are the best propane smoker reviews on the smokers that are worth to buy and save some money.

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Top 3 best propane smoker reviews

  1. Dyna-Glo Double Door Vertical Smoker-15,000 BTU Propane Gas

Dyna Glo Propane Gas smoker is a good quality inexpensive smoker for home cooking. Even though smoker may not be suitable for Dyna-Glo Double Door Vertical Smoker reviewprofessionals, it is perfect model for starters to prepare their own flavored meat at home. Using this smoker you can prepare a number of recipes without limitations. The meat you put in comes out moist with great taste and smell.

There are a number of reasons why this smoker turns out to be a good product. First, it holds temperature throughout the cooking process. This smoker being a vertical gas smoker holds a constant temperature as needed by various smoker recipes. This produces excellent results in meat. The smoker at first might seem to be difficult to assemble. But reading the instruction manual will help you to put the parts together easily. Also packing comes intact without any damages or missing parts.

A person with average knowledge about the smoker would take approximately an hour or two to assemble everything and have a smoker in working condition. Moreover, the smoker offers good amount of space to accommodate a number of recipes in one cooking time. You won’t have problem in smoking a large turkey for Thanksgiving Day. it offers enough space to cook four dishes at same time on four different racks.


  • Double door design
  • Air dampers on top and sides for heat control
  • Electronic push ignition button
  • Space of 784 square inches
  • Four adjustable racks
  • CSA certified
  • One year limited period warranty

Dyno Glo is a good purchase for beginners. The main complain about this smoker is that its temperature gauge is not accurate. You may use a separate digital thermometer to know the temperature inside the smoker. Overall, this is a great smoker for budget conscious person and beginners.

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  1. Landmann USA 3895GLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 38-Inch

Landmann USA 3895GLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker reviewsLandmann Gas smoker tries to cover all the facets of smoking. Its expensive price is well explained by the modern features, large cooking space, and solid build up.

Generally, gas smokers have a large cooking space. Landmann smoker however has some extra space than the normal smokers. Being a vertical smoker it has a smoking chamber that can take in a full size brisket. This would provide enough meat to feed entire family at weekends. The smoker is included with access drawers which is not common with propane gas smokers.

The access drawers on this smoker are connected to water pan and wood chip box. This allows you to pour in water or add wood chips without opening the smoking chamber. The smoker overall has a good solid construction. It uses a single caveat for its construction that has some problems which we will get into later. The firebox is also built solidly and temperature control features chimney and vents. This makes smoking meats easier for the starters.



  • Solid steel construction- water pan and wood chip box are made of steel. The pan is coated with porcelain to resist the heat transfer towards it. The smoker is fitted with brass burner and cap.
  • Access drawers connected to the wood chip box and water pan
  • Temperature gauge, top chimney, air damper vents
  • Well balanced sturdy design, suitable for outdoor use

This smoker doesn’t have any serious cons. Some customers have experienced a problem with the magnetic closures that give out after a year of use. The quality of these closures is flimsy that makes them vulnerable to damage. Overall the smoker works fine and would be a great add for your kitchen.

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  1. Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker, 30-Inch, Black

Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker reviewWeston Prago Propane smoker is an attractive smoker which comes with all the necessary features required for smoking. It is one of the affordable kinds. However, it is very successful in emulating the process of smoking food as used in higher end models.

Weson Vertical smoker can be used to make wide variety of dishes. The smoke flavor and the spices rubbed on the meat permeate nicely into the meat making it tasteful and good smelling. This smoker will be perfect for you if you want to give a dinner party to your friends at home. It gives that extra space that you need to cook more food for the arriving guests.

Smoker when ordered will arrive well packed and in time. It is easy to assemble and takes around an hour to set up. To cook your first recipe in this smoker you will need to attach a propane cylinder. The package comes along with instruction manual that are clear to understand and follow. Once you assemble this smoker you will find it easy to operate and use.

The price of the smoker is quite impressive when compared to the features offered by the manufacturer. In a broader sense, this is a reasonably priced vertical smoker that can very well be included along with higher end models. The performance of this smoker is above average and matches with the higher priced smokers. So buying this smoker will be a smart thing to do when you have limited money to spend. Click here to read more on how to use a propane smoker…


  • Starts up through a rotary igniter system and uses adjustable delivery system for gas fuel
  • Smoking box is made of cast iron
  • Built in temperature gauge
  • Fully welded body with black coated steel cabinet

As far as the cons are concerned, this smoker has no serious problems. The main complaint about this smoker is about the fabrication of door. Some amount of smoke escapes from the edges of the smoker. Other than this the smoker is a great product to buy and use.

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