Brinkman Electric Smoker

Brinkman Electric SmokerDo you like the taste of slow cooked traditional barbecues, the awesome combination of smoky flavor with the succulent meat? Then brinkmann Electric smoker and Grill can be your popular option for your home.

The low cost of the smoker is one thing you have to note. You get this smoker for less than $150. Also using the smoker is easy, no baby sitting is required. The Brinkmann Electric smoker has a fool proof heat control system to support the traditional BBQ making. The overall unit is available at an affordable cost.

The  electric smoker by brinkmann is a great smoker that can smoke whole turkey, ribs, turkey breasts,fish or other meals. This very reasonable priced smoker can satisfy your desires for having different smoked meats.

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The construction of the Brinkmann electric smokers is not done with very high grade materials. However, it is strong and not too lightweight. The base, smoke chamber section and the lid made of sheet metal are robust. The smoker is built with metal of medium thickness. The wooden handles and cooking brackets are durable. The hold of the smoker at the chamber section is at right position. This smoker can last lifetime if used properly without negligence.

Brinkmann smoker includes the instruction manual which has clear instructions and steps to use the smoker properly. For the first use, you might require some time to assemble this smoker before use. Few tools like the flat screwdriver and piler are required for assembling the smoker.

At the base, the smoker contains heating element of 500watt. As per the specifications, you can cook up to 50 lb in this smoker. However, we advise you to keep the limit to 40 lb for through cooking of the meat. The smoker with the front hinged door allows easy access to interiors of the smoker. The cleaning and maintaining the smoker becomes easy by this feature.

If you are a fan of preparing food in a classic way, then Brinkman Gourmet Electric smoker is a perfect smoker for you. This is a great smoker for weekend parties and night outs. The instruction along with the smoke also includes the details about the use of grill, smoke and steam to smoke the food. In addition, there are some recipes provided in the manual. This will come handy for the beginner smokers. In professional sense, this smoker is not up to the mark. However, it fulfills all the smoking needs of family.

On the outside, the smoker is made of high gloss coating which is easy to clean. The handle attached to the smoker stays cool while cooking. Overall, the smoker avoids using plastic and rubber parts. It doesn’t undergo wear and tear. By now, you must have figured out few obvious setbacks about this smoker by its design. The smaller capacity and low quality of the smoker are few downsides of using this smoker. These cons relate back to the design. Other than these, the brinkmann electric smoker is perfect for smoking food for family and friends.

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