Top quality gas smokers to prepare delicious smoker recipes

Are you a BBQ person? Do you like having smoked food but hate to clean the ashes left after cooking? Well, the best way to achieve this is buying a best gas smoker. It is easy to operate, clean and you don’t have to be concerned about making your room dirty. This equipment is fine-tuned to maintain a constant temperature and keep the appropriate smoke levels.

Below are the gas smoker reviews on the best gas smokers available in the market.

Top 3 gas smoker reviews


  1. Smoke hollow propane smoker

Smoke hollow propane smoker is perfect for smoking poultry and meat in open or indoors. As this is a closed smoker you don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining about the smell and flavors coming out from your backyard.smoke hollow review

This smoker is a popular model having many reviews on the internet. The smoker tends to fit in everyone’s budget as it is reasonably priced. Also the customer support offered by the company is reliable in terms of replacement of damaged products or giving solutions on troubles of using the smoker.

There are many good reasons why many customers choose this smoker for their home. One of the biggest reasons is its versatility of providing different temperature levels which allow you to cook variety of recipes. Also it is efficient in using gas, wood and water for cooking the meat perfectly. Unlike other gas smoker models where you need to add extra attachments for fitting the gas cylinder, this smoker allows a commendable gas tank set up. Even old people with lesser strength can assemble the smoker easily and use it. All you need is a screwdriver from your toolbox to set the propane cylinder with the smoker. The surface of the smoker uses porcelain coating which makes cleaning easy. The coating also helps in maintaining the internal temperature while cooking.


  • Push ignition button
  • Chrome plated cooking grids
  • Larger temperature range- suites for smoking fish, vegetables, poultry, meat and others
  • Included water pan, cast brass burner and porcelain wood chip box

The main con one can point out about this smoker is the faulty temperature gauge. It is not accurate at sometimes and can be a serious problem while smoking outdoors. Using an additional oven thermometer will help to detect the temperature accurately even if the in built temperature gauge fails to give a clear reading.

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  1. Masterbuilt Propane smoker

masterbuilt propane smoker reviewMasterbuilt has been very successful in living up to the expectations of customers. It is one of the major labels which produces top quality smokers in the market. It has set up a lofty standard that has attracted large number of customers to buy it.

First thing to take a note on this smoker is the exception quality of build up. This is a durable piece of equipment which can used both indoors and outdoors. The exterior looks robust and is resistant to rough use. The smoker is sealed perfectly to keep the smoke inside while cooking. You can always be sure about the smoker not leaving out smoke into the room and turning it smelly. Also the intact doors help to maintain the temperature constant inside the smoker.

Masterbuilt propane smoker offers great convenience for both beginners and professionals. The temperature gauge built in the smoker is accurate and reliable. Also the push ignition button works like a charm.


  • Cooking area of 717 square units is enough to cook any smoke recipe
  • Built in temperature gauge
  • Porcelain coated wood chip tray and water pan
  • Durable in construction, with tight sealed doors

There are some minor issues with the water pan which becomes dry very quickly and wood chips burn out fast. Other than these there are no serious flaws with the smoker. No doubt this unit is a great buy and best gas smoker for your home.

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  1. Bradley Propane Smoker 4-Rack Review

bradley 4 rack propane smoker reviewThis Bradley Propane Smoker is a propane grill smoker suitable for small groups. The portability of this equipment offers the easiness in transportation while camping. This gas smoker is also recommended for people who are new to smoking the meat. If you don’t have a perfect knack for smoking meat then you don’t have to worry. This smoker works mostly automatic. All you need to do is keep the meat inside and tune the settings to get the desired results.

This is an easy on the budget smoker for small families. If you don’t want to spend a lot on smoking and roasting equipment then you are in good luck. This smoker is just the right one for you. It costs only a fraction of price of the competing brands in the market. The exciting thing about this smoker is that a the package comes along with its own propane cylinder. So you don’t have to buy a separate cylinder and wait for some time to start making your first recipe. Most of the smokers from other brands do not include the propane gas tank along with them.

Like said before this smoker can be used for camping trips, it brings out the intimate side of it. It makes the outdoor smoking easy. Al you have to do is place the meat inside on any one of the four racks with all the rubbing necessary and put the ingredients, put the wood chips, close the door and light up the gas flame. Remember this smoker is sufficient for 2 or 3 people not for holding parties.


  • Broad temperature range- it can reach up to 300F
  • Great for roasting, hot smoking and cold smoking
  • Push button ignition
  • Adjustment controls similar to oven
  • Portable unit

There are few downsides about this smoker. First, the bottom part of the smoker can get hot and can cause burns on hands while moving it after using it. Keeping the smoker on a concrete surface and using is a better way to handle this problem. Second, the cleanup inside the smoker can be bit tedious. When camping you would need to bring the unit back home and clean it. Overall, this is a top gas smoker if you are using this alone in your apartment or with your family.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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