Ugly Drum Smoker

A DIY project which would interest a lot of barbecue enthusiasts is making an Ugly Drum Smoker. The price involved in making this project is not a lot as compared to the price of the smokers available in the market. When making an ugly drum smoker, usually a 55-gallon drum is used as the smoker. The best part about having an ugly drum smoker is that it can be used to smoke large quantity of meat at a given point of time – 2 to 3 briskets or even four pork shoulders. This smoker can be used for 10-20 hours while maintaining a low and steady temperature.


To start off, you will require a food grade drum. Instead of using any drum, it is better to buy a new drum which was not used to store any toxic material. The interior and exterior of the drum should be burned at high temperature to remove any trace of paint and any other liner which might be used in the drum. A propane torch can also be used to remove rust inhibitors which is used as a liner inside the drum. Once this is done, the outside of the drum can be painted with a high-heat tolerant paint. The drum and its lid will then have to be drilled with holes, which will be used to connect the bolts, air control vents and other plumbing fittings.

Usually the Ugly Drum Smoker is built to stand vertically, however, it can be built to be placed horizontally as well. The holes which will be used to fix the ball valves and pipe nipples, will be at the bottom on the vertically held drum. The exhaust holes should be drilled on the lid of the drum. Fix the handle and ensure adequate space is left from fitting the smoker thermometer.

A charcoal basket goes at the bottom of the drum. To make this basket, expanded steel can be used to make a circle along with bolts, washers and nuts. This basket is placed on a charcoal grate, so that it is at a height of 12 inches from the bottom. A stand made from the same expanded steel can be used to place the food to be smoked. Once all the fittings have been done, the next step is to season the smoker.

Seasoning should be done by filling the charcoal basket to 90% of capacity. You can check the temperature achieved by the smoker and adjust it by opening or closing some of the air intake holes. This drum smoker can achieve temperature of 250°F when the charcoal is properly burning.

The best part of this is that you have created it yourself and you can set the temperature required and enjoy a slow and steady smoking process. You can spruce up the smoker by painting it with your favorite colors. The ugly drum smoker can be made in as little as $250. A lot of videos showing how to build the smoker are available on the internet.


Electric smoker recipes ribs

Do you love pork? Personally, pork is one of my favorite meat! But nothing compares to a tasty and juicy pork rib recipe! Ribs are delicious and most people consider pork as a desirable meal! If you are a person who already like ribs, then you will be in love with ribs once you try them smoked.

Smoking ribs is not as hard as you might think. If you want to keep it simple, just preheat the electric smoker to 225°F, grease a baking pan with olive oil, place the ribs onto the pan and put the ribs into the smoker for 3 hours and a half. Ribs are delicious just by adding salt and pepper. In fact, if you really want to taste the flavor of a smoked rib, then you should cook it only with salt before trying other ribs recipes. After trying the authentic flavor of pork, you can try different pork recipes with different sauces. Please try out the electric smoker recipes ribs that I would like to share with you.

Smoked BBQ Ribs

Prep-time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 3 ½ hours Total Time: 3 hours 40 minutes Serves: 4
• 5 pounds of pork ribs
• 3 tbsps of dry rub seasonings
• 1 cup of smoked barbecue sauce

Cooking Steps
1. Preheat electric smoker to 225°F.
2. Soak the ribs with your favorite rub.
3. Place the ribs into a 13x9x2 baking dish.
4. Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and place it on the center of the preheated electric smoker. Smoke for  3 hours or until water runs out clear.
5. Remove the ribs from the smoker and drain the grease from the dish.
6. Pour your favorite BBQ sauce over the ribs and return the dish to the oven for an another 30 minutes.
7. Once the ribs are done, remove them to a platter, tent the platter with aluminum foil and allow to cool for 10 more minutes.
8. Serve and enjoy!

These electric smoker recipes ribs are really good and most people like barbecue ribs. Now, I am going to share with you my secret BBQ sauce. It is really delicious and it is very easy to make. Besides the ingredients that this recipe has, you will only need 1 cup of pineapple juice, ½ cup of cola drink, 1 tbsp of instant coffee and 1 tbsp of Cajun seasoning.

Before adding the BBQ sauce to the ribs, mix the above ingredients in a large bowl and add the BBQ sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Once it is perfectly combined, preheat a pot over high heat and bring the BBQ sauce mixture to a boil. Let it cook for 7 minutes until thickens. Then, after the ribs have being in the smoker for 3 hours, pour the sauce over the ribs and leave them there for another 30 minutes.
This sauce it’s amazing! You will love it! Once you try this electric smoker recipes ribs you will be addicted to smoked ribs! You will never go back to normal BBQ ribs!



How to cook on a Smoker

Smoking as a cooking method requires a little know-how and some practice as well. It is important that you have a good Smoker, as it will give you the best results from the cooking or smoking of the meat. Smoking imparts flavor to the meat and also helps in tenderizing the meat. Although popularly meat has been used to smoke, you can also smoke various other foods like cheese, nuts and some vegetables as well. Here we will look at how to cook on a smoker!


Different types of food require various temperatures at which it will be smoked perfectly. The temperature has to be maintained throughout the process of smoking. If a person is new to smoking, it will require some practice on maintaining temperature control. For e.g. 200 to 220°F is the ideal temperature for smoking meat. Smoking is a slow cooking method, which enables the smoke to penetrate the meat to impart flavor and also to tenderize the meat in the process. Smoked meat tends to have a sweet flavor, this is because the connective tissues – collagen breaks down in sugars when slow cooked.

It is essential to know how to cook on a smoker and to ensure that the meat is completely exposed to the smoke and the smoke is constantly moving. Too much smoke build up can cause the meat to taste bitter. Most smokers come with an inbuilt thermometer to determine the temperature of the smoker. In addition to this, you can use a meat thermometer to find the internal temperature of the meat. Depending on the type of meat, the internal temperature can range from 145 to 180°F, while smoking.

Another important aspect of smoking is the type of wood used. The wood imparts specific type of flavor to the meat. Hardwood is the one which is traditionally used, examples being, Hickory, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite etc. Sweet flavored woods are Apple, Maple and Cherry wood. All types of wood goes well with a specific type of meat and imparts its distinct characteristic to the meat.

Whether the wood chunks or chips need to be soaked in water prior to smoking is a matter of debate. Some people think it is crucial step before beginning to smoke, while some experts’ advice to skip it completely. Most smokers have a water pan in-built. The water helps in keeping the meat moist and tender. Instead of water, other fluids can be placed in the pan to impart additional flavor to the meat. Fruit juice, wine, beer, sauce etc. can be used while smoking.

During long smoking process, the water pan will need to refill as it should remain full. The smoking process will take longer time if the outside temperature is very low. Ideally the smoker should be used only outdoors, away from any electric points. Food to be smoked should be placed in a single layer, away from each other, so that its entire surface is exposed to smoke. The smoker should not be opened frequently, as that would prolong the smoking process. Replenish the wood as and when required along with water and other seasonings.

Hope you enjoyed this post on how to cook on a Smoker.


Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker

Masterbuilt has various types of smokers available for different requirements. They are stylish as well very functional. Masterbuilt offers electric – digital, electric – analog, propane and charcoal smokers. In this article we will discuss about the Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker.

The Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker is meant for outdoor use only. It is has a cooking space of 975 square inches and as per its name, it has 4 racks for loading the meat, which are chrome coated. The dimensions of the smokers are – 25.6 length, 19.3 width and 41.3 height. The smoker comes with a remote control as well as a meat probe. The remote control can be used for controlling the temperature, time and internal light as well. The range of the remote control is 100’.

The smoker is quite sturdy with a stainless steel body and weighs almost 66 pounds. It is easy to move around with the built-in wheels and handle. The electric element capacity of the smokers is 1200 watts. With the thermostat the cooking temperature can be maintained from 100 – 275 degrees. The smoker has a digital keypad and a viewing window as well. This smoker is perfect for slow-smoking which gives savoury and tender meat.

It is important to Pre-Season the smoker before use. The water pan should be placed inside the smoker without water. The smoker should be kept on for 3 hours at a temperature of 135°C. The chip loader should be loaded with wood chips after 2 hours and 15 minutes of pre-seasoning. Switch off the smoker and allow it to cool.

Other important notes to remember when assembling or using the Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker are given below:

  • Aluminium foils should not be used on the racks when smoking, as it hampers the heat circulation in the smoker;
  • When moisture and heat needs to be retained in the meat, the air damper on the unit should be closed. It can be kept open when smoking fish and jerky;
  • When the smoker has the on and off cycles, the temperature will fluctuate + or – 10 degrees.
  • The smoker should be stored in a dry place;
  • The required cooking time will be extended when the outside temperature is very cold;
  • With or without water the water bowl must always be kept in the smoker when it is working. It collects the food drippings and prevents it from falling on the wood chips;
  • Flare ups are prevented by ensuring that the wood chip tray and wood chip loader are in place;
  • The smoker cabinet will be locked in i.e. the wheels will not move when the grease tray is in place;
  • Wood chunks should not be used and the wood chips should be filled till they reach the top rim of the loader;
  • Wood chips can be loaded while the smoker is working, but pulling out the loader completely from the cabinet;
  • The remote control will require 2 AAA alkaline batteries;
  • The smoker should be cleaned well after use to increase the life of the smoker;
  • Mild detergent should be used to clean the smoking racks and drip tray;
  • The ash build up and residue should be removed from the wood chip tray and wood chip loader.

Ensure that the Masterbuilt smoker is switched off and unplugged, before cleaning.


Meat Smokers for Sale

One of the primary requirements for a good barbecue is having a good smoker. Smoker comes in various types and depending on the type of usage planned, you will have to buy a certain type of smoker. The shape, size, fuel type and price are some of the criteria you need to consider before buying the smoker in an existing meat smokers for sale series.


If you plan to use the smoker only for family meals, a smoker which can cook food for 15 to 20 people can be bought. Large smokers which can cater to a big parties can be considered as well which can smoke food all day long. You should keep in mind that per person would require around a pound of meat while smoking.

The location where the smoker is going to be used will be one of the deciding factors when purchasing the smoker. The level of expertise of the person who will be handling the smoker will also be a point to be considered. Difference fuel type of smokers  have certain advantages and disadvantages. Smokers can be fueled by charcoal, electricity, propane, hardwood or wood pellets. However, electric smoker are the best for any time, any kind  and for any occasion. Electric smokers also have the option of using chuck, chips or pellets of wood for smoking.  This gives the opportunity of convenience and at the same time the option to use traditionally used wood to give authentic flavor to the meat.

Combination units are available which can be used for grilling and smoking. Multipurpose smokers can be purchased for low cost, however, they will be better at one feature not both. When you are planning to buy the smoker on sale, it is important to check all the features and reviews of the smoker. A pricier model might be a better deal when opting for a multipurpose smoker.

When you check out a meat smokers for sale, it is important to check the brand to which the smoker belongs. Some smokers made by local stores do not provide any kind of support or service after purchase. It is important to do a careful research of the brand and the model before making the purchase. Sometimes products which are on sale are not eligible for return or exchange. Hence it is important to consider all factors before making the investment in a smoker.

Please review this website were you can check for attractive pricing on meat smokers for sale of various brands and types  .  Once you have your criteria finalized, you can do research and select the best deal available to you.


Heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker

Master built has a variety of smokers available in their range. The smokers can be either electric, charcoal or propane run. The Master-built electric smoker is available as digital or analog smoker.


The heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker is present at the back of the smoker cabinet and is usually an 800 watt one. Using the Masterbuilt electric smoker for a long time (years) can cause problems in the heating element. In case the digital display, heating light and thermostat are working fine, however, the smoker does not heat up, it will mean that the heating element has stopped functioning properly. One of the primary causes would be faulty connection to the heating element. The terminal which plugs into the element can burn or melt, which will also cause the heating element to stop working.

One of the main reasons why this occurs is improper cleaning of the smoker cabinet. Moisture build up can cause corrosion of the wire, which can cause them to corrode and break up. Improper storage of the smoker can also be responsible for causing the heating element to get rusted and stop working. To increase the longevity of the smoker, clean it well after every use and store in a dry place.

The heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker can be replaced. You can buy it from Masterbuilt and assemble it yourself. Once you order the heating element kit, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Replacement heating element
  • 1 Gasket
  • 2 Replacement wire assembly’s
  • Wire nuts & element screws
  • Grounding nut and bolt
  • Replacement instruction manual

To being with, you will have to remove the wood chip loader, drip pan and wood chip tray from the smoker.

On the left hand side of the wood chip housing support, you will find head screws, which you will have to remove. Once you are through the back cover, you will reach the wiring to the heating element. You will find the electronic control board, which will be covered. Remove the panel to find wire connectors containing 2 mo-lex wires. The old wiring should be removed carefully, and replaced with the new set provided in the kit. Install the new heating element and the ground nut and bolt to the ground wire ring connector.

Once heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker is done you can replace the remaining parts of the smoker and test it. Besides the parts provided in the replacement kit, you will require a Phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper and an electric drill. The instruction manual received along with the replacement kit will have detailed pictorial information on how to proceed with the changing of the heating element.

It is very important to note that before you begin working on the smoker to replace the element, the plug should be removed from the power source and the smoker should be completely cooled down to avoid getting electric shock or burns. The cabinet and other parts can have sharp edges, which can cause injury. Care should be taken when handling all the parts.


Best wood for smoking

Smoking food is an integral part of barbecuing. This part of the cooking process, is what makes it so different from the rest of cooking methods. Traditionally barbecue was done using logs of wood, however, there are many electric smoker available out there today that come with the option of using small pieces or chips of wood for smoking. Wood from various trees can be used for smoking and they are available in various forms as well. Specific type of wood should be used with certain types of meat, to get the best outcome possible. In this article we will review some of the best wood for smoking with electric smokers.


Given below are the most commonly used best wood for smoking:

Heavy Woods: Oak, Hickory, Maple & Mesquite

Light Woods: Pecan, Apple, Peach, Alder & Cherry

Depending on the type of wood you are using, the flavor of the meat being smoked will change. Electric smokers are the best way to smoke food because if you are using a non electric smoker the fuel type being used in the smoker will also change the flavors slightly, since every fuel will produce different byproducts after combustion. It is important to remember that smoking is to add flavor to the meat, however, it should not over power and become the main part of the dish.

Wood is also available in various types to be used in the smoker. Some of the types which can be used while smoking are:

  • Logs, Chunks, Chips, Pellets, Bricks, Briquettes and Sawdust

Different type of wood have some benefits and work best with particular types of smokers or grills. Sawdust is rarely used since it burns out quickly, but does impart flavor.

In the below table we will look at characteristics of some of the more popular woods used for smoking:


Type of Smoke

How it burns Type of meat


Oak Medium or Heavy Flavor Hot & Slow Lamb, Beef, Brisket, Sausages Available as Red and White Oak, both have different properties
Hickory Sweet & Strong with Bacony flavor Hot & Slow Ribs, Pork Shoulder (Red Meat / Poultry) Excess smoke can make meat bitter. Use small pieces or chunks of wood.
Maple Sweet, Light and Mild Hot & Slow Poultry, Pork, Game Birds It is the sweetest heavy wood
Mesquite Strong with lot of smoke Hot & Fast Red Meat Has a very potent flavor, to be used in small doses
Pecan Medium, Fruity, Nutty and Sweet Slow & Cool Briskets, Roast & Ribs Use as a complement to Mesquite
Apple Light, Mild, Fruity and Lightly Sweet Hot & Slow Chicken, Quail, Pork & Poultry It takes time to permeate the food, should be used sooner.
Alder Light, Sweet & Delicate Cool & Medium Fish and sometimes Poultry & Pork Best used with fish, especially Salmon
Peach Light, Sweet & Delicate Hot & Long Fish, Poultry & Pork Since it loses flavor, it should be used freshly cut
Cherry Light, Sweet & Delicate Hot & Long Chicken, Turkey, Fish & Ham Works best when used with Oak, Alder or Hickory

When you are planning to cook for longer duration, use chunks of wood which are the size of a golf ball or baseball. For shorter duration of cooking, you can use pellets, which produce lot of smoke in short duration. Hope you found it useful on best wood for smoking with electric smokers.


Smoked Chicken Recipe for Electric Smoker

Are you a person who cares about health? If so, you might be forced to eat veggies and salads sometimes. Maybe what you want is to lose weight or just to have a better health due to some health issues. Isn’t it true that it is really hard to find something healthy food and at the same time food that is delicious to eat? Well, maybe the only thing that you need is a little creativity. The great thing about smoking food is that it is healthy and there is no need to use a lot of fat or oil to cook. The following recipe it is really healthy, very creative and most important, it is super delicious.

The longest part of this smoked chicken recipe for electric smoker is the deliciousness, but you can smoke the chicken while you are cleaning the house or when you are taking a nap. Is it hard for you to make your kids it salads? This smoked chicken recipe for electric smoker might be the solution for that. When the chicken is done, you just have to prepare the ingredients and arrange the food. Then all you need to do is only to serve it and see the face of happiness of your family and friends!

Stuffed Smoked Chicken Tomatoes
Prep-time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 120 minutes Total Time: 130 minutes Serves: 4
• 2 whole chicken breast
• 1 cup of berries
• 1 celery stick
• 1 red onion
• 2 garlic cloves
• 1 tsp of paprika
• 1 medium carrot
• 1 bell pepper (any color, preferably orange)
• 6 large tomatoes
• 1 tbsp. of olive oil
• Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Steps on this smoked chicken recipe for electric smoker
1. Preheat the smoker to 225°F. If you want, put a bowl with pineapple juice or apple juice into the smoker.
2. Season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper and any other spice you want.
3. Grease a baking tray with olive oil and put the chicken breast on it.
4. Put the tray into the smoker and let them cook for at least 2 hours.
5. When ready, take them out of the smoker a put them on a bowl.
6. Take the chicken breasts and cut them into cubes.
7. Chop the celery, onion, garlic, berries, carrot and bell pepper.
8. Place the chicken and all the chopped ingredients in a bowl. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste.
9. Slice off the top of each tomato and scoop out pulp and seeds.
10. Stuff each tomato with chicken salad.
11. Sprinkle paprika on stuffed tomatoes.
12. Serve and enjoy!

I know for sure that you will enjoy this recipe. For sure you are also going to try this recipe in different ways. You can use beef instead of chicken for example, or you can use fish as well.
If you want to make this recipe tastier, you just need to make a dressing to accompany the stuffed tomatoes. A dressing recipe that will make this dish even better it’s a hot bacon dressing or a ranch dressing. You can try with a vinaigrette or chimichurri too!

Hope you enjoy this smoked chicken recipe for electric smoker! Please share it with your colleagues and family members.


Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Smoker

The Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Smoker is an excellent choice for an entry level smoker. The fact that this smoker works on Propane gas makes it is easy to handle. Entry level smokers might have difficulties in handling a charcoal smoker, and hence for the price, it is one of the best smoker available.

The great outdoors smoky mountain smoker is cabinet shaped with a sturdy steel body with dimensions of 22” by 42”. The large front door giving access to the interiors of the smoker enables you to add anything, from water to wood to food without much trouble. The handle on the front door is made of cool grip, which makes it possible for you to grab it without protective gloves as well.

The total smoking space available in the Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Smoker is 667 sq. inches, which has been divided into 4 adjustment levels and 3 cooking grates.

The smoker cabinet has 1 adjustable vent and side handles made from wrought iron. The cooking grates are chrome plated and it has a brass burner with an 18,000 BTU. The water pan is made of porcelain enamel steel and the wood chip box is made of cast iron and has a lid as well.

Various temperature ranges are possible in the great outdoors smoky mountain smoker and the damper vent can be adjusted to fine tune to heat.

You can use the smoker all day at a temperature of 220 degrees. With the right combination of heat and wood box, it creates good smoke. The smoker comes with an instructional video making the understanding of the functioning of the smoker much easier.

Because of the sturdy built, it lasts a long time. It is easy to transport it outdoors as well. You can use various wood chips like Hickory, Pecan, Oak, Mesquite and Apple when smoking. Mixing various types of wood chips will give desired flavor. One full box can last for several hours of smoking.

You can pre-soak the wood before smoking, so that it produces more smoke and prevents fast burning as well. The flavoring occurs mainly during the first hour of smoking process. If you need to refill the wood chips during the process of smoking, ensure that you use tongs and other protective gear, as the box will be very hot.

Once you have assembled the smoker, it is important to season it before using it. The seasoning process helps in sealing the paint and interior of the smoker. This enhances the flavoring, durability and overall performance of the smoker.

Seasoning process will involve using the smoker like usual, only without food. It should be set to 125°F for 45-60 minutes. Once this is done, remove the used up water, wood and charcoal.

When filling the water bowl, line it with aluminium foil, so that it is easier to clean and also helps the water bowl in lasting long. A full water bowl will last for 2-3 hours, and should be filled 1 inch below the rim.

The great outdoors smoky mountain smoker is a very convenient smoker for newbies and worth the price.


Little Chief Electric Smoker

The Smoke House smokers have been in the market since many years now, and the little chief electric smoker has been a hit, even since it was introduced in the year 1968. Customers seem to prefer this model and is a favorite. The Little Chief Electric Smoker is available as top load and front load model.

The little chief electric smoker is a cabinet shaped smoker and works on well on 110-120 AC outlets. It is available in 5 colors – original, black, green, red and blue. The dimensions of the cabinet smoker are 24 ½ inch by 11 ½ inch by 11 ½ inch (H/W/D).

The smoker comes with a recipe and instruction booklet, and they also give a 1.75 pound bag of Hickory flavored wood chips from Chips n’ Chunks. The fixed heating element is non-adjustable and can heat the smoker to 165°F. You can enjoy slow cooking on this smoker without having to worry about charcoal or kindling and maintaining a fire. The smoker comes with 4 levels of grills which are chrome plated and easily slide out of the cabinet, similar to the trays of an oven. A drip pan is provided at the bottom of the smoker and a flavor pan to hold the wood chips. The drip pan is dish washer safe and saves you the trouble of cleaning up the messy, greasy debris.

The cabinet is made from durable, embossed aluminium and has vents provided for proper dehydration. You can use the little chief electric smoker to smoke up to 25 pounds of meat, fish or other food. It is actually perfect to smoke fish like salmon, trout, jerky, sausages, turkey, bacon, ham, steaks, fruits, nuts and even cheese.

It is important to note that the little chief electric smoker is placed on a concrete or non-combustible surface and is at least two feet away from any type of combustible surface. This particular smoker should be used only outdoors.

The smoker is easy to use and begin using because it does not require any special assembly and it also comes with a 2 year warranty. The total weight of the smoker is 15 pounds, which makes it easier to be carried outside. The front load smoker is easier to use as the grills can be accessed during the smoking process.

The smoker is very sturdy and if all the instructions are followed properly you can use the smoker for a very long time. It is also a perfect gifting material, due to its convenient size, ease of use and price. A lot of reasons make this perfect smoker for someone who has no previous experience in smoking.

One drawback of the smoker is the non-adjustable temperature setting. If there is a lot of temperature fluctuation outdoors, the food can get over or under done due to changes in the temperature of the smoker. Also, you get the option of only hot smoking the food, no cold smoke. You might also require to finish the cooking process in the oven, after smoking it in the smoker.