Little Chief Electric Smoker

The Smoke House smokers have been in the market since many years now, and the little chief electric smoker has been a hit, even since it was introduced in the year 1968. Customers seem to prefer this model and is a favorite. The Little Chief Electric Smoker is available as top load and front load model.

The little chief electric smoker is a cabinet shaped smoker and works on well on 110-120 AC outlets. It is available in 5 colors – original, black, green, red and blue. The dimensions of the cabinet smoker are 24 ½ inch by 11 ½ inch by 11 ½ inch (H/W/D).

The smoker comes with a recipe and instruction booklet, and they also give a 1.75 pound bag of Hickory flavored wood chips from Chips n’ Chunks. The fixed heating element is non-adjustable and can heat the smoker to 165°F. You can enjoy slow cooking on this smoker without having to worry about charcoal or kindling and maintaining a fire. The smoker comes with 4 levels of grills which are chrome plated and easily slide out of the cabinet, similar to the trays of an oven. A drip pan is provided at the bottom of the smoker and a flavor pan to hold the wood chips. The drip pan is dish washer safe and saves you the trouble of cleaning up the messy, greasy debris.

The cabinet is made from durable, embossed aluminium and has vents provided for proper dehydration. You can use the little chief electric smoker to smoke up to 25 pounds of meat, fish or other food. It is actually perfect to smoke fish like salmon, trout, jerky, sausages, turkey, bacon, ham, steaks, fruits, nuts and even cheese.

It is important to note that the little chief electric smoker is placed on a concrete or non-combustible surface and is at least two feet away from any type of combustible surface. This particular smoker should be used only outdoors.

The smoker is easy to use and begin using because it does not require any special assembly and it also comes with a 2 year warranty. The total weight of the smoker is 15 pounds, which makes it easier to be carried outside. The front load smoker is easier to use as the grills can be accessed during the smoking process.

The smoker is very sturdy and if all the instructions are followed properly you can use the smoker for a very long time. It is also a perfect gifting material, due to its convenient size, ease of use and price. A lot of reasons make this perfect smoker for someone who has no previous experience in smoking.

One drawback of the smoker is the non-adjustable temperature setting. If there is a lot of temperature fluctuation outdoors, the food can get over or under done due to changes in the temperature of the smoker. Also, you get the option of only hot smoking the food, no cold smoke. You might also require to finish the cooking process in the oven, after smoking it in the smoker.

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