Gas or Electric Smoker – Which is better?

One of the cooking techniques most enjoyed by men is – Smoking. Smoking offers a unique variety and flavor to the meat and you can chose meat cuts which are difficult to cook by other methods. Of the various smokers available in the market, electric smokers offer great variety and options for you to choose from.

Some would say that a gas smoker is a must have in the house, but it has many cons that make the smoking experience less enjoyable and hassle filled. For example, slow cooking meat can make it smelly, the reason for this is that natural gas has no smell so Ethyl Mercaptan is added, the smell is bad and if the meat is exposed to it for a long time, it kind of sticks to it.

There is also the fire risk, gas smokers are more prone to it than any other smokers. The other option, highly recommended is to get an electric smoker when it comes to gas or electric smoker.

One of the most popular smokers is The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Available in 30 & 40 inch versions, you can choose from having a glass paneled front door or solid door and is meant for outdoor use only. These smokers have a digital LED panel and a remote control as well. You can reach a temperature of as high as 275°F. Also since they have full foam insulation, you do not have to worry about the heat escaping. You get a meat probe along with the smoker.

Another excellent choice of smoker is the Bradley Digital 4-Rack smoker. Made of polished stainless steel on the inside and 240 volts, this smoker can take the temperature as high as 320°F. You can adjust the time, temperature as well as the amount of smoke you want in this smoker. This means you do not have to worry about starting the fire or spilling any flammable material. The ability to control the settings gives out a better tasting final product. Besides smoking, you can also roast and barbecue using this equipment.

The next electric smoker which is excellent is the SMOKIN-IT, Smoker Model #1. This smoker is easy to use and portable. The capacity of the smoker is around 21 pounds of meat or other produce at a time. They provide hickory wood sample to season the smoker which has the maximum temperature of 250°F. The heating element of this smoker is of 400 watt and also has a LED indicator light. Fiberglass insulation in the smoker helps in reducing the loss of heat. It is perfect for home use, easy to clean and does not heat up from the outside.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a cylindrically shaped smoker, with a diameter of 15”. It fits two grills inside the chamber, which can be fitted easily with handles. With a 120W, the maximum temperature it offers is 250°F. With a tight fitting lid, the smoke and steam does not escape and you get a moist, juicy, flavorful final product.


The last electric smoker we will look at is the small portable smoker – Emson 7 quart Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker. It has four level racks, however can hold around 6 pounds of meat only at one time. The cooking time taken as compared to other methods is five times faster. It produces good smoke and you get delicious meat. It fits well in the kitchen along with the other appliances. You can use this to smoke chicken, fish, ribs and beef jerky strips as well. You might have to cut the meat into smaller portions to fit into the smoker, as it is small from inside.

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