Best Meat for Smoking

Smoking is used for various types of meat, poultry, fish, cheese and some fruits as well. However, it has traditionally been used for meat. Various cuts of meat can be smoked. Here we will look at some of the best meat for smoking, d for smoking.


Since best meat for smoking is a slow process of cooking, very lean meat will not turn out well after being smoked. Usually a pound of meat will be smoked for 30 minutes or so. The larger the meat cut, the longer is the smoking time required. The temperature used in smoking is around 200 – 250°F. Smoking process is responsible for adding flavor to the meat as well as tenderizing the meat. If you use a lean cut and smoke it for more than 30 minutes, the meat will become dry and inedible.

One of the best meats for smoking are the cheap and cuts termed as bad cuts of meat. The cuts which contain a lot of fat and connective tissue turn out tender and filled with flavor after smoking. Example of such meats are – Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs and Shoulder.

The above mentioned examples of best meat for smoking are generally regarded as tough and chewy. This makes them not so desirable and of inferior quality. People do not prefer to have these meats. When such cuts of meat are smoked, the bad qualities of them are made use of and turned into great tasting meat.

Since smoking is a long process, it melts the fat present in the meat and also helps in breaking down the connective tissue. The breakdown of connective tissue, imparts a sweet taste to the meat. The melted fat is responsible for keeping the meat moist and tender. The more expensive cuts of meat like steak, tenderloin do not work well when smoked. Cuts for smoking are usually inexpensive and the butcher will assist you when choosing the right cuts for smoking.

A learner can start off by using Pork shoulder for smoking and then move on to larger cuts. Beef back ribs are very popular choice when it comes to smoking. They are inexpensive, large, thick and with lots of fat. A Brisket is often referred to as King of meat in the smoking world. It is chest part of a cow and is quite easy to smoke. It can be smoked using a sauce or a rub which gives it a crispy outer layer. Another meat type used in smoking is the Boston butt, which is the front shoulder of a pig. Boston butt has a tough texture and is hard and takes long time to be smoked. Some other types of meat which are excellent choices for smoking are sausages, bacon – which can be smoked either hot or cold and turkey.

Some important tips about best meat for smoking are:

  • Fat should not be completely trimmed off before smoking as it keeps the meat moist.
  • The type of wood used is almost as important as the cut of meat, since they impart flavor to the meat.

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