Smoking Meat on Electric Smoker

Meat is a delicacy that most people cannot do away with. Meat is still the major source of protein in the world. Pork and beef are common in kitchen fridges and to many they still remain the best delicacies. However, how one prepares meat is entirely a person’s choice as every cooking method result in entirely in a different taste. Some people prefer it deep fried, others prefer it stewed, while others prefer it smoked. I will concentrate on smoking meat, as smoking meat seems to be a new revolution that is transforming kitchens for the best.

Talking of smoking meat, most people will think of charcoal or wood smokers. Well am not into that stuff. I value efficiency, effectiveness and my kitchen is an embodiment of such values. Honestly why do you need to go through all that hassles of having to struggle maintaining a particular temperature with using charcoal or wood smokers when you can have it easily regulated when using an electric smoker?

Smoking meatElectric smokers are more reliable and all you have to do once you have bought it is to ensure that you have understood how to use it, this is like any other electronic gadget, an important one to be precise and so investing time in learning how to use it should not be a problem. Read the product manual that comes with it so that you will not only learn how to smoke your food but also learn how you can take care of the electric smoker that it may serve you for a long time.

The best way to smoke your meat is to use the electric smoker, unlike a person smoking meat on a charcoal smoker you will not have to stand around the device monitoring it, this device gives you comfort and everything happens in the desired chronology. If you are working with refrigerated meat, it is good to thaw it well before placing it into the smoker, you must also ensure that you lace the racks of the smoker with vegetable oil, this will be necessary so that your meat does not stick to  the bare rack as that may give it some nasty metallic scent. Having the metals laced with vegetable oils also lengthens the life of your electric smoker as it protects it from rust.

Depending on your preference you will decide for how long you want the smoker preheated, preheating to 150° Fahrenheit is preferable though. After preheating you will place the meat into the smoker, you may chop the meat  into manageable pieces to make it cook faster, ensure the meat is marinated as that will add to its flavor. Also consider other spices that may give it the aroma you want before inserting it into the smoking chamber. After placing the meat into the smoker just set the temperature and duration you want the food to be smoked for and then all you have to do is to wait until the meat is cooked. Yeah, sit back relax and wait to serve your delicious treat. This may sound like fantasy to a person who has been using charcoal smokers, the fact is the electric smokers gives you good control over the temperatures and so the smoke that ends up in the smoking chamber should be the least of your worries. Good luck as you begin your smoking experience with an electric smoker. Smoking meat doesn’t get better than this.


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