How to Use an Electric Smoker

Smoked food, such as meat, cheese, fish and veggies, are very popular today. Smoked fish or meats not only taste good but the smoking also preserves them for a longer period of time. When a given food is exposed to smoke for a certain time, it is called smoking. Smoking imparts a delicious flavor to the food, giving it a very distinct taste. The type of wood used to smoke food determines the flavor and taste of the smoked food. There are many types of smokers from water and charcoal smokers to homemade smokers, but the electric smokers have grown very popular in the recent years. Electric smokers allow you to smoke a number of food items quickly. However, the key to preparing a great smoky food is to know the appropriate way of using electric smokers. Here is a guide on how to use an electric smoker.

How to Use an Electric Smoker

Learn the Basic Parts

After buying an electric smoker, the temptation of smoking meat immediately is irresistible. However, it is important to know the basics of a smoker before preparing food if you don’t want to end up with disastrous results. So before doing anything, start by learning the basic components of the smoker and how each component works. Moreover, go through the instruction manual and follow all the instructions given on the manual. Learn the nitty-gritty of smoking and understand the working principle and mechanism of the smoker.

Season the Smoker

Before using your new electric smoker to smoke beef or fish, season it first. All you need to do is coat the sides, top and racks of the smoker using vegetable oil. You don’t need to use costly extra virgin olive oil to season the smoker; any type of vegetable oil would do. Ensure the oil does not get into the smoker’s electrical element. Now switch the smoker on and allow it to work for about 4 hours. You may also add a few wood chips. Seasoning the smoker will help get rid of odors and also prevent the smoker from rusting.

Prepare the Food

In order to successfully smoke meat, fish or veggies, prepare the food first before switching on the smoker. If you have frozen fish or meat, thaw them thoroughly before placing the food inside the electric smoker. Tossing frozen food into a smoker may reduce its flavor. Brine or marinate the food before smoking for a great smoky flavor.

Prepare the Smoker

After seasoning the smoker, prepare it for smoking food. All electric smokers come with a water pan that controls the grill’s temperature. To avoid overheating the grill, monitor the water level in the pan. If the water pan dries up, your food will get overcooked and its flavors would be too dry.

An electric smoker is very convenient equipment that should never be missed in your BBQs since it enables you to smoke any kind of food. Once you purchase a smoker, it is important to read the instruction manual so that you can understand how to use it effectively.

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