How to Smoke Meat

Are you seasoning for that special taste of a roasted or smoked delicacy? If so, you may want to subject the meat to low temperature for a prolonged period. This prevents it getting spoiled, while simultaneously adding some flavor.

Here are some of the things you need to know and learn on how to smoke meat? You will need a smoker itself for smoking, cooking oil for coating within the interior surfaces. You also need some meat (obviously), water, marinade and some dry-rub for seasoning, wood chips for producing the smoke and a meat thermometer for checking the temperature of the meat and thus know when the meat is ready.

Lets know the steps on how to smoke meat:

A: Choose Your Smoker.

You could opt for a vertical smoker. This is relatively inexpensive and works well on warm environments since it does not maintain its interior temperature during cold weather. There is also an electric cabinet smoker, which is shaped like refrigerator. This type of smoker comes with a gauge that measures the temperature thus the core temperature is controllable.

B: Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions:

There are different unique electric smokers, each has a different manner of operating as compared to the others. If possible, try to understand how your model operates. Follow the directions given by the manufacturer on how cure or season the smoker. Seasoning helps to remove solvents, odors, dust and preparing the smoker for cooking food. This process requires you to use oil on the inner surfaces and the rack for two hours, after which you can switch it off and let it cool.

C: Prepare your meat for seasoning:

Season the meat with dry rub like sugar, salt or herbs. Alternatively, soak the meat in a marinade, which has some acidity. Allow the  meat to absorb marinade for a night, this helps to increase the flavor. Ensure you have enough wood chips. You would require around four cups of the chips to sustain the heat for three to four hours.

D: Turn on your electric smoker – it should have a water receptacle, add some water in it.

In addition, check the temperature within the interior, waiting until the desired temperature is reached. That is when you place your beef (or any other type of meat) into the smoker rack and smoke it until it becomes somewhat tender. This can take from three to eight hours. Check whether your meat is ready using a thermometer (the one designed specifically for meat) in the middle. Your meat is ready and can be served (you can take it with favorite meal).

As now you know how to smoke meat, note the following;

If your smoker has a water container, you can add some beer or apple juice or any other preferred preference to flavor to your meat. If this is the first time you are going to smoke some meat, you may want to start by buying a cheaper branded machine for some smoking experience before purchasing an expensive one. Avoid using soft woods like pine and fir which might ruin your smoker.

Remember, using this method of food preparation allows you to cook food without spending much time watching the smoker, and that’s one of the reasons why you should purchase an electric smoker among many others.

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