How To Build A Smoker To Cook A Turkey

Do you enjoy the delicious taste of smoked meats? If so, you likely enjoy cooking on the grill. You may have always wanted to have your own smoker. Some of the best smokers are made from everyday items, and they produce some of the best BBQ meat you can put into your mouth. Before you decide to embark on building your own smoker, you need to decide what type of energy source you would like to use. An electric smoker is a good option for anyone who does not want to be bothered with using other types of fuel. We are now going to learn how to build a Smoker to cook a Turkey?

Smoked turkey is ideal for the holidays, but you will also find that it tastes great enough to be cooked year round. You can build your own turkey smoker by using a tin or aluminum trash can, a round grill grating as a cooking surface, and an electric hot plate. For hygiene purposes buy a new trash can specifically for this purpose if possible.

Ensure that you select a grill grating that can fit into the trash can with ease. Select the largest diameter possible. Measure 8 – 10 inches from the rim of the trash can. Make a marking. You will need to drill three equidistant holes, and insert and tighten 3/8″ bolts in each hole. This spacing of the holes is important because the bolts will be responsible for holding the grill grating in place.

Continuing on how to build a smoker to cook a Turkey, decide what you will use as a drip pan. You just need a pan that fits in the base of the trash can. Choosing a disposable pan will make cleanup easier. Keep in mind that turkeys secrete a significant amount of drippings during the smoking process. Choose a pan that can accommodate them, and you may want to add extra support under the pan. You can drill holes in the sides of the garbage can beneath the grating grill area and insert threaded rods. The drip pan should be 6-8 inches underneath the grill grating.

Your electric heating element can be as expensive as you’d like, but a cheap single hot plate can and will do the trick. You will need to drill a hole on the side of the trash can so that you can bring the wire from the hotplate out of the side. The position of the hot plate needs to be at the base of the trash can. This is also the area where you will place your wood chips. You may also decide to add stones at the bottom to ensure that the smoker is not prone to tipping over. Remember turkeys can weigh many pounds.

If the cord on the hot plate permits, place the hot plate in the center of the smoker. This will aid in distributing the heat better. Add a thermometer at the top of the lid of the trash can. This is going to be used to monitor the internal heat of the smoker while the turkey cooks. Position your wood chips in the bottom of the smoker, and you now know how to build a smoker for a turkey.

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