Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker

Masterbuilt has various types of smokers available for different requirements. They are stylish as well very functional. Masterbuilt offers electric – digital, electric – analog, propane and charcoal smokers. In this article we will discuss about the Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker.

The Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker is meant for outdoor use only. It is has a cooking space of 975 square inches and as per its name, it has 4 racks for loading the meat, which are chrome coated. The dimensions of the smokers are – 25.6 length, 19.3 width and 41.3 height. The smoker comes with a remote control as well as a meat probe. The remote control can be used for controlling the temperature, time and internal light as well. The range of the remote control is 100’.

The smoker is quite sturdy with a stainless steel body and weighs almost 66 pounds. It is easy to move around with the built-in wheels and handle. The electric element capacity of the smokers is 1200 watts. With the thermostat the cooking temperature can be maintained from 100 – 275 degrees. The smoker has a digital keypad and a viewing window as well. This smoker is perfect for slow-smoking which gives savoury and tender meat.

It is important to Pre-Season the smoker before use. The water pan should be placed inside the smoker without water. The smoker should be kept on for 3 hours at a temperature of 135°C. The chip loader should be loaded with wood chips after 2 hours and 15 minutes of pre-seasoning. Switch off the smoker and allow it to cool.

Other important notes to remember when assembling or using the Masterbuilt 4 rack digital electric smoker are given below:

  • Aluminium foils should not be used on the racks when smoking, as it hampers the heat circulation in the smoker;
  • When moisture and heat needs to be retained in the meat, the air damper on the unit should be closed. It can be kept open when smoking fish and jerky;
  • When the smoker has the on and off cycles, the temperature will fluctuate + or – 10 degrees.
  • The smoker should be stored in a dry place;
  • The required cooking time will be extended when the outside temperature is very cold;
  • With or without water the water bowl must always be kept in the smoker when it is working. It collects the food drippings and prevents it from falling on the wood chips;
  • Flare ups are prevented by ensuring that the wood chip tray and wood chip loader are in place;
  • The smoker cabinet will be locked in i.e. the wheels will not move when the grease tray is in place;
  • Wood chunks should not be used and the wood chips should be filled till they reach the top rim of the loader;
  • Wood chips can be loaded while the smoker is working, but pulling out the loader completely from the cabinet;
  • The remote control will require 2 AAA alkaline batteries;
  • The smoker should be cleaned well after use to increase the life of the smoker;
  • Mild detergent should be used to clean the smoking racks and drip tray;
  • The ash build up and residue should be removed from the wood chip tray and wood chip loader.

Ensure that the Masterbuilt smoker is switched off and unplugged, before cleaning.

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