Heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker

Master built has a variety of smokers available in their range. The smokers can be either electric, charcoal or propane run. The Master-built electric smoker is available as digital or analog smoker.


The heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker is present at the back of the smoker cabinet and is usually an 800 watt one. Using the Masterbuilt electric smoker for a long time (years) can cause problems in the heating element. In case the digital display, heating light and thermostat are working fine, however, the smoker does not heat up, it will mean that the heating element has stopped functioning properly. One of the primary causes would be faulty connection to the heating element. The terminal which plugs into the element can burn or melt, which will also cause the heating element to stop working.

One of the main reasons why this occurs is improper cleaning of the smoker cabinet. Moisture build up can cause corrosion of the wire, which can cause them to corrode and break up. Improper storage of the smoker can also be responsible for causing the heating element to get rusted and stop working. To increase the longevity of the smoker, clean it well after every use and store in a dry place.

The heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker can be replaced. You can buy it from Masterbuilt and assemble it yourself. Once you order the heating element kit, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Replacement heating element
  • 1 Gasket
  • 2 Replacement wire assembly’s
  • Wire nuts & element screws
  • Grounding nut and bolt
  • Replacement instruction manual

To being with, you will have to remove the wood chip loader, drip pan and wood chip tray from the smoker.

On the left hand side of the wood chip housing support, you will find head screws, which you will have to remove. Once you are through the back cover, you will reach the wiring to the heating element. You will find the electronic control board, which will be covered. Remove the panel to find wire connectors containing 2 mo-lex wires. The old wiring should be removed carefully, and replaced with the new set provided in the kit. Install the new heating element and the ground nut and bolt to the ground wire ring connector.

Once heating element for Masterbuilt electric smoker is done you can replace the remaining parts of the smoker and test it. Besides the parts provided in the replacement kit, you will require a Phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper and an electric drill. The instruction manual received along with the replacement kit will have detailed pictorial information on how to proceed with the changing of the heating element.

It is very important to note that before you begin working on the smoker to replace the element, the plug should be removed from the power source and the smoker should be completely cooled down to avoid getting electric shock or burns. The cabinet and other parts can have sharp edges, which can cause injury. Care should be taken when handling all the parts.

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